WATCH The Latest Fifty Shades Freed Trailer Proves That Sometimes The Worst Is Saved For Last  

Mick Jacobs

Living in the constant firestorm that is the news, you probably (hopefully) forgot completely about the 50 Shades... franchise and its terrible depiction of a BDSM relationship. Well, for those of you who enjoy pain without the pleasure, the 50 Shades Free trailer recently dropped to remind you that, like Twilight or My Immortal, bad fiction never dies.

Before you even press play on the trailer, you need to push to the back of your mind that the two leads really couldn't care less for each other. If you can't, you won't be able to suspend your disbelief for this already preposterous love story.

Furthermore, you need to understand the trailer features a lot less amour and a lot more action. Instead of chasing thrills, the lead characters appear to spend their time now chasing cars. An interesting development to be sure.

Honestly, watching the 50 Shades Free trailer is all you need to see of this film. If you truly want to get your rocks off, you're better off just subscribing to an adult website.