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The Timeline Of ‘The Haunting Of Bly Manor,’ Explained

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The Haunting of Bly Manor on Netflix has horrified viewers with its gothic tale of love beyond the grave, but one thing has left audiences scratching their heads - when does The Haunting of Bly Manor take place? Short answer: The 1980s, but that era only encompasses a small part of the Bly Manor timeline. To understand the full story of the ghosts haunting this English home, you have to go all the way back to the 17th century.

Creator Mike Flanagan tells the story of Bly Manor through a narrative interspersed with memories and flashbacks, all of which are being told in a story set in not-so-distant past. If you need the Bly Manor timeline explained, you're not alone: it's a puzzle that's hard to untangle without multiple viewings, a white board, and a lot of red string.

Thankfully, you don't have to lose your mind trying to get to the bottom of the Bly Manor timeline because we've done it for you.

  • Dominic Figures Out That Flora Was Fathered By Henry

    Dominic Figures Out That Flora Was Fathered By Henry
    Photo: Netflix

    When: Episode 6, "The Jolly Corner"


    Two years before the beginning of the main storyline, Dominic Wingrave puts two and two together and realizes that Flora was born months earlier than expected. He zeroes in on his brother Henry as the culprit and banishes him from Bly and from seeing the rest of the family altogether.

    After traveling to India for a second honeymoon, Dominic and Charlotte pass away in an accident. The moment Henry hears about this, he comes face to face with his own personal demon: himself.

  • Peter Quint And Rebecca Jessel Begin Their Doomed Romance And Ed Is Hit By A Car

    Peter Quint And Rebecca Jessel Begin Their Doomed Romance And Ed Is Hit By A Car
    Photo: Netflix

    When: Episode 3: "The Two Faces, Part One" 
    Episode 4: "The Way It Came"
    Episode 5: "The Altar of the Dead"
    and Episode 7: "The Two Faces, Part Two"


    This was a big year for Bly Manor. Not only is Rebecca Jessel hired to be the Wingraves' au pair, but she meets Peter Quint and the two begin an illicit relationship. At the same time, Peter is stealing from the Wingraves to keep his mother from blackmailing him, and before his death he's managed to embezzle millions of pounds from the family. Peter knows he's going to be caught, so he asks Rebecca to move to America with him, but he's killed by the ghost of Viola before the two can go off together.

    Peter comes to Rebecca as a ghost and explains what's happening before taking over her consciousness and drowning her so he doesn't have to be alone on the grounds. Flora and Jamie discover Rebecca's body floating in the lake.

    Meanwhile, in America, Dani and Edmund are engaged, but Dani breaks it off literally moments before Edmund accidentally walks in front of truck. Heartbroken and haunted by her former lover, Dani leaves for the U.K.

  • Miles Is Expelled From School

    Miles Is Expelled From School
    Photo: Netflix

    When: Episode 2, "The Pupil"


    After Peter insists that Miles get expelled from boarding school in order to be closer to Flora, Miles begins searching for his teacher's "key," in order to really push his buttons and get sent home. First, he jumps from a tree and breaks his arm, then he chokes out a young boy and admits that he started the fight.

    When neither of those things work, Miles kills his teacher's bird and leaves it on a church altar. The plan works. He's expelled and he's sent back to Bly to live with his sister.

  • Dani Is Hired As The Wingraves' Au Pair And Hannah Is Murdered

    Dani Is Hired As The Wingraves' Au Pair And Hannah Is Murdered
    Photo: Netflix

    When: Episodes 1 & 5 "The Great Good Place," "The Altar of the Dead"


    Six months after moving to England, Dani is hired as the au pair to the Wingrave family. Owen fills her in on some of the strange happenings of Bly Manor on their drive to the home.

    Moments before Dani arrives, Miles is possessed by Peter and pushes Hannah into the Manor's well, killing her. Dani arrives and meets the children and Hannah, who has yet to realize that she's a spirit. That night, Dani is locked in the closet to keep her safe from the Lady in the Lake. Edmund's ghost appears to Dani while she's locked in the closet.