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fox news The Top 10 Fox News FAILs of 2011  

Melody Yan
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A list of the biggest, most epic Fox News FAILs of the past year. While even Fox admits that most of their shows are not actually "news", viewers still expect them to get their facts straight. Unfortunately for the network (and the IQs of those who watch), this does not always happen. 

From announcing the death of President Barack Obama to calling pepper spray "food," Fox has committed more than its fair share of blunders in the year 2011. Some are amusing, others downright frightening. Here are the past year's biggest FAILs of America's most popular "news" network.

What the top 10 Fox News FAILs of 2011? Take a look here and see for yourself.
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Fox Mistakes Tina Fey for Sarah Palin

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Tina Fey may be famous for her dead-on impersonation of politician-turned-Fox-correspondent Sarah Palin, but one would expect her own network to know the difference.

Her own network.

Not so. Fox used a picture of Fey posing as the ex-governor instead of the real deal during a report about the possibility of Palin running for the 2012 presidential bid.

The report, "Tracking the Movements of Some 2012 Contenders," featured a photo of Fey at a podium above the caption "Fmr Gov Sarah Palin 50/50 on 2012 Run." Fortunately for the nation, neither Palin nor her comedic doppelganger will appear on the 2012 ballot.

Fox's Megyn Kelly Calls Pepper Spray a "Food Product"

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Defending the now-infamous spraying of University of California Davis students by a police officer in a November, 2011 protest, Fox News host Megyn Kelly inaccurately described pepper spray as a "food product, essentially."

This led to her getting an insane amount of television, podcast, radio and internet ridicule. She even got her own internet meme, attributing false, but similarly insensitive and ridiculous quotes to her such as:


The students, part of the Occupy Wall Street movement, were protesting peacefully when the officer walked calmly by the seated group and sprayed their faces. His actions were denounced by lawmakers and even the chancellor, who had called in the cops herself--but not by Fox.

Pepper spray is actually less a "food" than a chemical extract. It contains purified capsaicin, the alkaloid compound that gives peppers their burn. It can cause corneal damage and respiratory failure. Sometimes the capsaicin is manufactured synthetically, even. There's nothing "natural" or "food" like about it.

On the same show, Bill O'Reilly defended police for "not wanting to lay hands" on the students and claimed that the only other option was to physically remove them.

Sarah Palin Claims Paul Revere Warned the British

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When Sarah Palin spoke to Boston residents as part of her national tour, she was confronted with a question about American patriot Paul Revere. Clearly confused, Ms. Palin blurted out that the hero "warned the British that they weren't gonna be takin' away our arms."

While wisdom may have dictated that the error was best left alone, the former presidential candidate could not let this one lay.

Palin went on to Fox News and declared that yes, in addition to warning the Colonists with those famous words, "The British are Coming! The British are Coming!" Paul Revere had also gone around to the British folk who were already here to warn them that their efforts would be f*tile.

The former Alaska governor failed to disclose which history book the information was gleaned from.

Fox News Randomly Announces a War on Salt

Fox and Friends slammed the FDA for conducting an investigation on the dangers of a high-sodium diet, accusing them of declaring a war on salt. The anchors expressed fears that the government would now begin campaigning against salt-laden foods as they have previously done with cigarettes.

To back up their attack on the government agency, the gang at Fox hailed the virtues of the substance, citing a new study showing people who eat less salt actually have shorter life spans. "The science is not settled, and yet, the government has a bee in their bonnet. They want us to stop eating so much salt and sugar and stuff like that" proclaimed host Steve Doocy.

Despite the anchors' outrage, medical experts agree that most Americans actually eat twice as much salt as they should, leading to stroke and heart disease.

Once gain, putting Fox News vs. Science in a ring where really, due to Fox's popularity, nobody wins.