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The Top 10 Most Popular Pro Golfers

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A countdown of the best supported players in professional golf

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    With one of the largest social followings in golf, he represents the peripheral player better than anyone. 

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    DJ hardly has the credentials for this list. Suspended from the Tour, playing away from home and genuinely thick as pig shit, he wasn't made to be conventionally loveable. However, we all want him to win. He plays entertaining golf and appears honest as the day is long (apart from sex).

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    The Englishman has become a household name thanks to his laid back personality and interaction with fans

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    Rose is a well respected and consummate professional. A Major winner, an Olympic gold medalist and an impressive Ryder Cup veteran, all add to his growing popularity.

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    Perhaps a surprise inclusion, this straight laced American should not be ignored. You'll hear the chant "Kuuuuuch!!!" at every tournament you go. He's widely considered to be the funniest guy on TOUR.

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    Nothing about Steve's golf game screams charisma, but that's just it, neither does Steve. He goes about his business quietly, engages with fans and was voted the most popular player on the TOUR by his peers (Bubba came last).

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    The jovial Irishman has recently joined the golfing elite. His amateurish approach to the game makes him a very relatable figure.

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    The Swede is known for his ability to remain calm under pressure. "The Ice Man" has a legendary sense of humor. 

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    Quiet, unassuming and laid back, this proud Tennessean was always making this list. 
    He even gave a large chunk of his $10 million FedExCup winnings to charity. What a G.

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    G-Mac has been adopted by America ever since he relocated there. He does things like: open up a bar tab at each of the golf courses he plays after a victory. It's not hard to see why he's popular