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READ The Top 10 Worst Call Out Excuses  

Giselle Edwards
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Unless you have a job that doesn’t require actual work (porn star, executioner, congressman, pop star….professional athlete (kidding, slash not), reporting to work in the morning is on par with getting your nail ripped off: painful and difficult to recover from.

What most employers fail to realize that their drones do, in fact, have a life outside of their 4x4x4 cubicle and no, they will not come skipping into the office, breaking into song and whistling while they toil. So whilst your boss is rewriting your job manual for the third time this week, you can extricate yourself from yet one more day of doing his job for him….or at least try to.

Wow, these are really lousy.

I Woke Up Late and Figured It Was Too Late To Come In

We’ve all done this. Supposed to report for work at 8am and the alarm maybe didn’t go off on time. You wake up at 10am, figure your boss goes to lunch at 11am or noon, so you wait until then and THEN call in. By that time, they won’t get that message until around 1pm and by then, well, it’s too late. Yes, I've turned this into an exact science.

My Wife Told Me To Have a Good Day - I'm just Following Her Advice

"Do YOU want to be the one to tell her that I didn’t listen to her and did what I please instead? I didn’t think so."

I'm Suffering From Amnesia and Just Wondered What This Number Was

"Are you sure? Really? I don’t really remember who I am but I’m pretty positive you're sitting in my office and that I'm off today."

My Therapist Advises Against It

"I’m exercising my right to say no. NO."