Total Nerd The Top 25 Sexiest Video Game Tattoos  

Greg Stopera
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Here are twenty five greatest pieces of geeky, video-game-oriented, permanent body art on the most beautiful canvas mother nature has to offer: women. Every single one of these girls loves video games so much more than your current girlfriend that she decided to put something on her body to prove it -- forever. If that's not the hottest thing ever, I don't know what is.
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Warp Pipe to Heaven

Warp Pipe to Heaven is listed (or ranked) 1 on the list The Top 25 Sexiest Video Game Tattoos
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Clearly this is the hottest. Clearly. I don't care if you say that "this might be non-permanent body art" or if there's something about the placement of the Super Mario warp pipe that kind of throws you off...

"Where does the pipe go?"

"Why does it lead there?... Where is the other end of the pipe?..."

"Is it me, or does Mario's jumping trajectory feel like it'll actually miss the pipe?"

All of these questions don't matter. Why? First of all, look at this girl's perfect body (and immaculate waxing job.) Secondly, and most importantly, This is a confidence inspiring tattoo. How? Well, look at Mario. At any point in the beginning of a Mario game, you're not only not "Super" Mario, but you rarely have one of the best power-ups in the history of games -- the fire flower. In her tattoo, not only are you perfectly prepared for pretty much ANYTHING that could be on the opposite end of that warp pipe, but you're going to conquer it, you're going to make it yours and, weirdly, you're going to burn it all down to the ground.
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Newf*gs Can't Tramp Stamp

Newf*gs Can't Tramp Stamp is listed (or ranked) 2 on the list The Top 25 Sexiest Video Game Tattoos
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Wonderful. If I ever have a daughter, and evolution will probably (appropriately) kill me before I do, that if she were ever to bring home this particular tramp stamp, I wouldn't only not be angry, I'd be proud.

Luckily, the conceptual design of a lot of the original NES 8-bit games calls for some pretty beautiful art when replicated well. Not only is this a great execution, but it's on a girl with a really hot back.

Makes you wonder how many of the Zelda games she's played though. Is the saddest thing about this whole list how interested I am in all of these girls's gaming prowess? For example...
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Invincibly Hot

Invincibly Hot is listed (or ranked) 3 on the list The Top 25 Sexiest Video Game Tattoos
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Aside from the placement, the prepare-for-battleness about it and the fact that it's closer to her special place than any other tattoo on this list, this tattoo gives you a combo that would make your Mario damned near unstoppable. A 1-Up AND a Star pretty much mean that whatever's coming next is going to own your ass, or that you're going to seriously own. Either way, the results are awesome.
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Alt Girl Rocks a Kirby/Kracko Tattoo

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Coming in at a close second is Sally McPerfectFace over here that is eye-banging the camera as Kirby jumps over one of the first, and greatest, bosses of his: Kracko. Kracko's always (conceptually) been one of the greatest video game bosses of all time, ever since his conception in the mid 90s, because he brings something that's usually harmless (clouds) and makes it dangerous. Not only that, but creepy. Imagine if they "de-toon'ed" this thing, a huge eye, embedded in a cloud above your head (as in, the thing standing between you and space) with spikes coming out of it.

Awesome. Also, this girl is unbelievably seductive and kind of makes you wonder quite a few things emotionally, physically and socially, like: what is her favorite Kirby game?
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