17 Of The Craziest Things People Have Sold Their Body For  

Robert Wabash
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Since there have been human beings, there have been people willing to give it up for money... or McNuggets or iPads or homework. This has all actually happened. Here are the most insane things that people have sold their bodies for.

Woman Sells Herself for Flying Horse in Video Game
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This must have caused the ultimate Sophie's choice for hardcore gamers on Craigslist. I'm glad I wasn't in their shoes because god only knows what I would've done.

A woman needed 5,000 gold coins (which is the currency in the game World Of Warcraft) so she could buy an "epic flying mount". Instead of earning the coins herself she hopped on Craigslist and offered up the most valuable thing she had to offer the world at the time: some sex *cue 70s music that was actually very rarely used in real porn*.

In her Craigslist ad she explained what she was looking for down to the last detail (as "epic flying mount" somehow wasn't clear enough) and also asked that the person responding "send a picture, be real, drug and disease free, and have the 5,000 "coins" she "needed". She also asked for payment up front. Which is awesome. And legal, somehow.

But then word got around... I mean Craigslist isn't a place to post things you don't want everyone to know about. She got very upset when people made fun of her on the internet, so to remedy this she took out ANOTHER Craigslist ad, demonstrating that this girl was most likely related to that one woman who swallowed a fly we all grew up singing about.

In her new ad she said she got her "epic flying mount and got laid which is more than most of you failures can ever hope for" and that she was meeting up with some guy for a second go.

So, she has that going for her...which is nice.
Kid Sells Kidney For iPad2
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This guy sold one thing you don't need for another, which I guess makes sense.

Apple products are notoriously hard to get when they first come out, because as well all know, you either wait in line for days, or shell out an inordinate amount of cash or do the unforgivable and be a patient civilized human being, waiting a few extra weeks for something that will make your poops more fun.

Well, this 17 year-old Chinese teen just couldn't wait so instead of being patient, he became a patient. (*Catches the tomato you just threw and throws it back into the crowd screaming and ripping his shirt off*)

The kid, only identified by his surname Zheng since he's apparently a Dick Tracy villain of some kind (?), sold his kidney for an iPad 2. According to Shanghai Daily, the boy "wanted an iPad 2 but could not afford it." However, a "broker" (aka black market organ hustler) contacted the boy online and offered to help Zheng sell his kidney for 20,000 yuan (about $3,100). He agreed and had his kidney removed for an iPad 2 in what could only have been the safest of operating tables. Also, this almost makes me want to sell my kidney to finally afford that real doll I've been meaning to get for the carpool lane. I mean who needs two kidneys in this economy?

So he was given the money (roughly $3,400) right after the removal. He went home with an iPad and his mother asked where he got it (not where he was for days because I'm pretty sure surgery and recovery takes time if the movie 9 Months has taught me correctly). Anyway, he confessed to his mother what he had done and so she called the police like a jerk.

Strangely enough the police were unable to contact the black market dealer and brokers. Shocking that this guy was unreachable. And, of course, since the surgery Zheng has since had post-surgery issues. The hospital where his kidney was illegally removed wasn't qualified or equipped to do that kind of procedure. The hospital also claimed they had no knowledge of the surgery, though they did admit to contracting out the urology department to a Fijian businessman (the best urologists in the world).

Zheng's health continues to decline and while he may not be able to run and play sports like a normal 17 year-old he's already beat your high score on Angry Birds Seasons (2012) and your score on non-arcade Fruit Ninja. So take THAT, society.

Woman Offers Sex For McNuggets
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People say fast food is addicting, and extremely bad for your health and Khadijah Baseer proved just how true those statements may be for her.

She would go to a McDonald's, would walk up to people's cars, open their doors, and offer them "sexual favors" of the oral persuasion, in exchange for... Chicken McNuggets (which proves the point I was trying to make to my girlfriend last night about McDonald's really needing to invest in new dipping sauces).

Police were eventually called when the woman, Baseer, was caught providing a service to McDonald's customers that probably left them feeling that same familiar mix of needing a shower and deep, paralyzing regret you get after eating a Big Mac meal anyway. Baseer was, of course, arrested.

The weirdest part about any of this is that these guys probably felt that same emotion you felt when you first looked at porn alone, only while buying McDonald's Chicken McNuggets -- "what kind of sauce" *Giggles and runs all the way home*.

Forehead Sold For Ad Space
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This was an extremely common theme when researching this list, but this one just kind of stuck out. There are plenty of people selling their bodies for ad space. Plenty.

One girl sold her back for $2,500 and had logos printed on her. A runner said he would wear a winning bidder's Twitter handle on his shoulder during a marathon where advertising was not allowed. An Australian Volleyball player is selling 0.8 x 0.8 inch piece of her left leg for $10,500, or for the big spender, they can buy a 1.9 x 1.9 inch piece of her right arm/shoulder for $52,490 and she will tattoo herself with a logo. This money will be used to get her into the 2012 Olympics. Those are all well and good, but this woman takes the cake. And the abuse.

Kari Smith had been doing her fair share of suffering: her marriage had ended and several family members passed away in a car accident -- both events occurred, unfortunately, at around the same time. After the accident and divorce her son began falling behind in school and Kari wanted to put him in a private school, but couldn't afford it. So, she went to eBay and offered her forehead as adspace. then bid $10,000 and won Kari as their walking billboard for life. Even if they go under. Even if they stop being a company and even if for some reason the internet changes ".com" domains into something completely different in a few years.

She has that on her forehead. For life.

Golden Palace said they'd turned away several people offering to get tattoos of their company because it was always in places that could be covered up with clothes, but Kari's is and always will be in plain sight... even if she cuts bangs.

But hey, there's always really expensive effects makeup. But still. Her forehead.