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Here we take a look at the top ten most hated celebrities that are actually doing good deeds. From Kanye stealing Taylor's VMA moment to offering up free concerts to hotel staff, John Mayer running his douchebag mouth and supporting enormous amounts of charities, Rebecca Black invading our ear drums with her horrible one hit wonder and donating all the proceeds to Japan. This list humanizes and at times maybe even absolves some of these horrible celebrities from their wrong doing. Ke$ha can't be all bad... she gives charity concerts for puppies!

These celebrity good deeds and acts of charity by hated famous people will warm your heart and make these Hollywood stars you probably don't like seem a little more human.

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Kanye West has been voted the most hated celebrity several times over. He publicizes his self-centeredness and his overall "I'm the greatest nobody else matters" attitude. He's dislike for several reasons, his arrogance is one of them, but most notably is when he interrupted Taylor Swift as she received her first VMA award to tell her, and the world that Beyonce should have won instead. His disregard for others makes him a prominent feature on these "hated celebrity" lists.

But he also does some good. Kanye West gave an hour and a half of his time to a charity event where people were wrapping holiday gifts for kids, he dropped in unannounced for the New Yorkers for Children's "Wrap to Rap" event. In addition to wrapping gifts for kids the New York Post, ran a story about West after he and Jay-Z took over the second floor of the SoHo hotel to produce their new collaborative album, they invited the staff to the Watch The Throne concert. West and Jay-Z were apparently "well looked-after" and wanted to show their gratitude to each member of the establishment's team. "We were all provided with complimentary tickets, and Kanye personally thanked each team member for attending," one insider told the publication.

Age: 40

Birthplace: Atlanta, Georgia, United States of America

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This kid owns a Cadillac and he turned it into what he calls a "batmobile." He's another celeb that's been voted most hated more than once. Bieber hasn't really done anything to make people hate him, except... he just is. I think people are sick of seeing mediocre talent rise to meteoric fame. He acts like he's a gangster (from the mean streets of Canada, eh?), and he dresses horribly.

But The Biebs apparently isn't all bad--he's a giver. He grew up poor in Canada and used to frequent food banks. He claims he's never forgotten those hard times and therefore does what he can to help others. Bieber has given money, effort and his time to many charitable causes, including his own charity 'Believe Charity Drive,' the 'Make a Wish Foundation','Pencils for Promise' (a group founded and ran by manager Scooter Braun's brother, Adam) and to other causes. He's also given a great deal of his time toward anti-bullying and to getting the message out there that texting and driving is dangerous recording a bunch of PSA's. Bieber recently donated $100,000 to a Las Vegas Elementary school, performed a Christmas concert there and then gave the kids $100,000 worth of presents. Then after taking the stage at a charity concert in Toronto Wednesday night, The Biebs cut a $500,000 check for the local Children’s Wish Foundation.

He's won several awards, a recent example was an award that he received in Europe; while winning the Best Pop Male and Best Pop Vocalist at the MTV Europe Music Awards in 2011 he also won the Voices award, given annually at the MTV EMAs to honor celebrities making a difference by contributing to charities.

Age: 24

Birthplace: London, Canada

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Rebecca Black is the YouTube sensation that made it big. She's hated by America for being one of the most annoying songs into our lives. Friday, Friday, Friday, it's repetitiveness gets this piece of junk stuck in your head for days.

Rebecca Black has made bank from this silly song, and has been on Good Morning America, The Tonight Show With Jay Leno, Extra etc. Instead of sitting around drinking in her fame and hoarding her money Rebecca is donating profits from "Friday" to her school and Japan Relief. At least something good came out of that song.

Age: 20

Birthplace: Irvine, California, United States of America

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LeBron James swore he'd bring a championship to his home state of Ohio. SWORE IT. But then in 2010 he had a long, drawn out press conference about how he was leaving Ohio (without a championship) and signing with Miami. Not only was he breaking a promise, he took WEEKS to announce it, then another half an hour on ESPN.

However,Lebron James recently made a donation to a gym in Los Angeles. The good deed was to the Boys & Girls Club gym, notes News One. Along with donating to a gym, LeBron James's longtime girlfriend, Savannah Brinson, started a contest in which someone in the Boys' and Girls' Club of Miami-Dade crowd would be selected to win a bedroom makeover, valued at $500, featuring American Signature’s HomeCourt by LeBron James Collection. The little girl that was chosen had a rough story her family home had been robbed twice in the last eight months. The mother explained that after the first time they replaced all that they could. But the second time – they gave up. They didn’t replace any of the stolen items. So what was supposed to be a $500 bedroom makeover became a $7,000 donation that included a custom bedroom personally designed by Grimmett. All made possible through James.

Age: 33

Birthplace: Akron, Ohio, United States of America

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