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Total Nerd The Top Ten Robots of Science Fiction  

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This is my list of what I consider to be the ten best robots in Science Fiction. I picked them based on personal preference, to be sure, but also based on their impact on SciFi in general, their design, the mark they made on the shows/games/movies/books they were in etc. While there are hundreds of SciFi robots out there, I submit that these are the iconic ones.
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Any kid from the 1970s and on has probably seen the great Hanna Barbara cartoon series The Jetsons. There were all sorts of amazingly silly ideas of the 'future' in that show, but one of the most clever and likeable was the robot maid Rosie. She played the role of the dutiful yet clever maid that has been in so many family sitcoms (which Jetsons and Flintstones bacically were, only in animated form). see more on Rosie the Robot Maid
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Of all the robots on this list, K.I.T.T. looks the least like one, but it certainly is one. This robot is housed in a car (Pontiac Thunderbird in the original TV show, Ford Mustang in the reboot series). It has rather complex A.I. and can drive the car, open the doors and operate pretty much all the gadgets that Knight Industries could squeeze into it. Michael Knight is kinda along for the ride. Also there to interact with the human characters on the show. Especially the ladies :)

K.I.T.T. was mind-blowing tech back in the 1980's when the show first came out. Now, it has the distinction of being the most practical and possible robot of any on this list. I've actually ridden in a totally autonomous vehicle at a CES convention a couple of years ago. The tech wasn't quite as sleek and tucked away as it is on KITT, but it did really work. see more on KITT


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While Buck Rogers is not quite a popular as the show once was, it is still an iconic example of early SciFi fantasy going all the way back to the original novel Armageddon 2419 AD and the even earlier movie serials in the 1930's. The 1980's TV show is how most people of my generation best know Buck and we were introduced to his robot sidekick Tweede who wears the brilliant computer brain Dr. Theopolois around his neck. This comic duo all-in-one package idea has seldom been copied in other stories and is quite humorous and effective on the show. "Tweedtweedeee What's up Buck?"


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There have been many androids in many SciFi TV shows and movies, but none quite as memorable as Data. He has a sort-of Pinoccio complex in that he is artificial but so badly wants to be a 'real boy' or human. I watched Star Trek The Next Generation when it first came out almost every week. Data was my favorite character. It was fun watching him learn and explore the Enterprise and interact with the people on and off the ship. He was on a trek of a different, yet more profound sort, than the rest of the people on the ship. This video I've chosen is an excellent example of one of his attempts to be more human and a reveal of how the different main characters feel about him. see more on Data