unspeakable crimes Super Violent And Disturbing Things That Happened To Victims Of The Toy Box Killer  

Mick Jacobs

This video will take you to a place darker than you'd even imagine for a topic like serial killingSuspected for the deaths of 60 different women, David Parker Ray not only killed a lot of people, he tortured them too. To torture them, Ray constructed a terrifying "toy box" where he kept them.

It's a strange intersection between creative impulses and the most unspeakable acts of which humans are capable. In Ray's toy box, victims suffered countless horrors, including brainwashing and bestiality. Ray also created a list of "rules" each prisoner needed to follow, further heightening his sense of power over them.

Some estimates place the value of the toy box's upkeep to cost Ray upwards of $100,000. After finishing with his victims, Roy would dispose of them in the vast and foreboding New Mexico desert.

Because of the vast expanses of land at Ray's disposal, many of his victims' bodies remain missing. Though he agreed to take investigators to their locations, he died of a heart attack before he could. To delve into the nightmares and mysteries of The "Toy Box Killer," give the video below a view, but be warned, this one of the most cruel and deviant killers you'll ever encounter.