The Trashiest New TV Shows of the Last Few Years (That You Just Can't Help Loving)

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Vote up the trashy series that premiered on or after January 1, 2019.

Let's face it - sometimes the line between this season's new trashy tv shows and new guilty pleasure shows can be terrifyingly thin. Pretty much every year, there are at least a few new trashy shows that come along which you find yourself slowly sucked into. As the weeks pass, you tell yourself that each episode will be your last until one day you discover the horrible truth: you've rendered yourself unable to look away. Here you'll find a list of good trashy shows on tv now that may or may not have received two (or any) thumbs up from critics.

Nevertheless, these best new trashy television series have their own little hidden qualities which explain why you've grown to love them. Whether it be over the top, irreverent comedy or the chance to simply watch people whose lives are even more screwed up than your own, sometimes there's just nothing like good trashy shows to brighten your spirits.

Join in the fun by casting your anonymous vote from the shadows about which new trashy tv shows you find yourself the most powerless to resist. Don't see one you've accidentally come to love? Feel free to join in the conversation and add it to the list!

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