politics Woman Gets Honest About Life On Food Stamps In Viral Video  

Rebecca High

It's pretty easy to pass judgment on people based on prejudices and stereotypes. But as one woman found out the hard way, there's often a lot more complexity behind a person that probably doesn't warrant your judgment. In video, a woman explains how her attitude toward food stamps change drastically when she was laid off her job and forced to use them.

Dawn Pierce explains how she was a single mom with a teen son, working as a paralegal for a bankruptcy attorney when her boss suddenly laid her and a coworker off.

At first she was mortified to have to rely on the government for food stamps: she started experiencing the condescending attitude others would give her when they found out she was one them. At the same time, however, she was thankful for the lifeline she'd been provided.

Eventually, Dawn got a job. But on her last day shopping for groceries with food stamps she had an encounter with a woman that changed her entire perspective on poverty and launched Dawn's new advocacy for the impoverished. Put your prejudice and predictions aside momentarily and take in this inspiring video. There's much more to the story than you probably ever realized.