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Scientists Have Debated Video Game Addiction For Years, And The Results Are Fascinating

Is video game addiction real? The debate has raged ever since the 1970s when arcades began popping up on neighborhood corners - kids would dump every quarter of their allowance into easily time-consuming games like Pac-Man and Donkey Kong. Human beings already must deal with a plethora of dangerous habits, and many believe video games have become one of many strange addictions.

As of 2019, the World Health Organization has officially classified video game dependency as a legitimate mental health disorder. Although there are several medical boards who would disagree, the more important question is: How do you treat video game addiction? Multiple schools of thought advise on how to handle the perceived problem.

The information below will hopefully shed some light on both sides of the issue, whether you're a dedicated gamer or concerned parent. Although professionals have decided the disorder is diagnosable, there are still many questions surrounding video game addiction.