TV The Vampire Diaries Moments That Made You Feel All the Feels  

Ginny Isaad
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It's the classic love triangle with a bloody twist. Brothers Stefan and Damon are 100-something year old vampires who fall in love with Elena, a human. From the very beginning, Vampire Diaries has tugged at our heartstrings with endearing love scenes and devastating losses. The brothers Salvatore act as foils for each. Stefan plays the good guy with a heart of gold (who harbors a latent dark side), while Damon is the bad boy with a good core.

Their characters' propensities for good and/or evil are the basis for some of the most gut-wrenching moments on modern television. From all the funny Vampire Diaries moments, to the many sad ones, fans love being along for the dark, twisty ride. (And kudos to Nina Dobrev for convincingly portraying good girl Elena and the evil yet alluring Katherine, the villain we all love to hate.)

Some of she show's villains have been amusingly wicked, and the supporting cast is just as beloved as the starring trio. Everyone has their fair share of heartbreak and drama. Despite the fact that TVD revolves around magic and some crazy blood-sucking bad guys, the heart of it is love - romantic and brotherly. Some fans are split into Team Delena or Team Stelena, but at the end of the day, everyone is Team Salvatore.

This is a compilation of the most emotional scenes from episodes in seasons one through six. Check out The Vampire Diaries moments that gave you all the feels, and vote up your favorites!

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Elena's Departure

We knew it was coming but that didn’t make it any less emotional. Many people anticipated she’d die now that she was human again, but instead, Kai makes it so that she can live only when Bonnie is dead. Everyone has a chance to say their goodbyes and each one is emotional in their own right. But the scene of her and Bonnie surrounded by floating feathers was a nice throwback to vintage TVD, and reminded us all why the friendships are part of why we love the show. 

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When Damon Saves Bonnie

Damon and Bonnie barely tolerated each other for the entirety of the show. So when they ended up on the other side together, they were less than thrilled. But over time, they bonded. So when Kai forced Damon to choose between saving Bonnie or letting her die so Elena could live, it cut deeper than it would have before their friendship. At least that’s what he led Kai to think. After he karate chops Kai’s head off and rushes to Bonnie’s side, it’s clear that he truly cares for her like never before.
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When Damon Professes His Love to Elena and Then Compels Her to Forget

Selfish bad boy Damon tells Elena he loves her and that he doesn’t deserve her, but Stefan does. Because he can’t be selfish with her, he compels her to forget the interaction ever happened. There were no histrionics, just a solitary tear. The same could not be said for everyone watching.
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When Damon Almost Dies

Nothing like a near-death experience to get people to open up. Damon didn’t think he’d get the antidote he needed after getting bit by a wolf, so he tells Elena he loves her (even though she’s with his brother) and she kisses him goodbye. Then Katherine swoops in with the antidote and everything that just happened awkwardly lingers in the air.