The Best 1980s Music Videos

The best music videos and MTV clips from the 1980s, voted on and ranked by the most radical, tubular fans. Click on any embedded video box next to the song and artist name to watch the full music video without ever leaving this page! Vote for your favorite 80s musicians and artists, and suggest videos that don't already appear on the list below.

Putting together a list of the best 80s music videos is a challenge. This was, after all, the golden era of music videos, back when MTV actually played videos all day long. Artists continually tried to put out super creative and innovative music videos to compliment singles. Some worked beautifully - others, not so much. Have a favorite that didn't make the list? Add it! And be sure to vote for your favorites (and vote down those that still make you cringe, even after all these years).

The 1980s music videos on this list are masterpieces. Each and every one of them is memorable. Whether it's Madonna cavorting with a saint in "Like a Prayer," Peter Gabriel freaking everyone on Earth out with the amazing video for "Sledgehammer" or Duran Duran blasting on to the scene with "Hungry Like The Wolf," all of these videos represent the best of the very best.

What are the best music videos of the '80s? This list will help determine that. 
Photo: flickr / CC0