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The Very Best Epic Meal Time Videos

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YouTube series Epic Meal Time parodies traditional cooking shows by concocting extremely high-calorie recipes for nearly impossible-to-eat meals, typically involving large amounts of alcohol and bacon. It is hosted by Harley Morenstein, and features Morenstein's friends, many of whom work under psudonyms (such as "Muscles Glasses.") The show has been called "Jackass in the kitchen."

In 2011, Epic Meal Time signed on with internet network Revision3. That same year, the show won the 2011 Shorty Award in the "Food" category.

What are the best Epic Meal Time videos? Take a look at this list and you'll be able to see for yourself.

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    Breakfast Of Booze

    Video: YouTube

    One of the trademarks of Epic Meal Time is the inclusion of copious amounts of Jack Daniels in the food, and this episode is certainly no different. In the process of creating a giant Breakfast Fortress (which really does get you drunk), the group makes candied bacon, weaves together a bacon plate, fries a variety of meats and pancakes in a homemade beer batter, concocts a batch of bacon chocolate chip waffles, and pours a lot of Jack Daniels into pretty much everything.

    Perhaps most impressive? Bacon Cream Cheese Stuffed French Toast Dumplings.

    18,531 calories
    1,005 grams of fat

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    Fast Food Lasagna

    Video: YouTube

    This episode opens with Harley stressing out his local fast food establishments by placing epic orders. He winds up with 15 Big Macs, a cup of Big Mac sauce, 15 Baconators, 15 Teen Burgers with no vegetables (a specialty of A&W restaurants in EMT's native Canada) and 7 orders of onion rings.

    Next, bacon, onion, ground meat, tomato sauce and Jack Daniels are combined to create a meat sauce. The layers of the lasagna are actually created by entire cheeseburgers, strategically placed in a pan. Then bacon strips, meat sauce, Big Mac sauce and cheese are layered in between. The whole thing is topped with onion rings and cheese. Even Harley seems kind of grossed out at this one...

    71,488 calories
    5,463 grams of fat

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    Slaughterhouse Christmas Special

    Video: YouTube

    Ho ho ho, haters, it's a very Epic Meal Time Christmas with host Harley dressed up as St. Nick. But this time, the gingerbread house is primarily composed of bacon.

    The house is composed of grilled steak walls, mortar made of sausage and pork, mashed potatoes (used for decorative snow), ham windows, Jack and Coke ribs, a puff pastry ceiling, a candied bacon rooftop, and a floor of ground pork. It's then filled with Cheese Whiz.

    Then they wash it all down with a tasty glass of Jack Daniels Bacon Grease Egg Nog. Just like Grandma used to make.

    86,997 calories
    5,581 grams of fat

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    Tequila Taco Night

    Video: YouTube

    This episode opens with some awkward sexual innuendos before the cooking begins. And who doesn't love that? Speaking of things everyone loves, this episode also features the liberal use of Patron in cooking.

    First, the tequila is used to create guacamole and salsa garnishes. Then the tequila is poured into the simmering ground taco meat, and used to season marinated steaks and chicken. Also, the cooks just take tequila shots a lot while cooking.

    Then they make tortillas out of bacon and lard and cook up a cheese sauce for a quesadilla. And they make nachos with bacon in place of chips.

    98,824 calories
    9,082 grams of fat

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