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The Very Best Frozen Burritos

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Ah, microwave burritos! A staple of 7-11s and college students fridges everywhere, these simple treats can be ready in five minutes or less to tantalize your taste buds with the easiest, laziest meal in existence. If you're hungry right now, a frozen burrito is probably good enough for you. But what type of prepackaged Mexican entree is truly worth your hard earned money? Peruse this list below for suggestions and help others decide on the perfect burrito by voting up top notch choices.  

Not all frozen burritos are created equally. Tina Burritos and Jumbo Burritos are staples of gas station cuisine, making them great at the end of a night of debauchery. But, you can form a virtual stockpile of frozen burritos on the cheap by filling your cart with El Monterrey brands at your local grocery store. Looking for the healthiest possible store bought burrito? While it'd be remiss to truly deem frozen food truly healthy, Amy's Kitchen Burritos at least try to go for organic ingredients. 

These and other brands are listed below. Vote up the burritos that have left you most satiated in a hunger-induced pinch when you wanted to feed immediately. Vote down the choices that - even by processed food standards - are subpar varieties.  And if you'd rather skip the microwave, check out our list of the best fast food burritos.

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