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Kel Varnsen
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Ever wanted to hear Michele Bachman talk about curing nausea with one cockeyed boar? How about listening to bullied Internet celebrity Rebecca Black sing about gang fights? Perhaps Rick Perry explaining using goats in the computer industry or Ludacris rapping about a low-riding hobbit is more your style? With the very best of Bad Lip Reading you get all that and much more hilarious gibberish.

It's no secret that many times politicians and musicians don't exactly make a whole lot of sense, but what would happen if someone turned down the volume and tried to figure out what was being said based on lip reading? Spoiler: It makes even less sense but it's freaking hilarious! The very best of Bad Lip Reading does exactly that and has become a YouTube sensation as a result.

The theory is simple and the results are ridiculously funny, but there is actually a highly secretive and personal story behind this humorous phenomenon. The man behind the scenes explained his story to Rolling Stone on the condition of anonymity.

According to the interview, the one-man show is written and produced by a music and video producer from Texas. He got the idea from is now-deaf mother who became an expert at lip reading out of necessity. The BLR mastermind tried lip reading himself but with disastrous results. Then inspiration struck and the rest is history.

The work of the Bad Lip Reading producer has attracted over 120,000 YouTube subscribers and even impressed some of the musicians who made the original songs. Michael Buble, whose song was remade by BLR, was so enamored with the parody that he sent a response video thanking the producer and calling him "an evil" genius.

Of course all of the response has not been positive, which is perhaps part of the reason the producer remains more secretive than artist Banksy. Universal Music Group, acting on behalf of Nicki Minaj and, successfully got the BLR parody titled "Dirty Spaceman" removed from YouTube. Shhh, another anonymous person uploaded it again for all to enjoy.

With politicians ramping up efforts in advance of elections and musicians constantly releasing new music, it's going to take more than a measly DMCA notice to stop the brilliance that is behind Bad Lip Reading. So grab your Russian Unicorn and buckle up. This is just getting good!
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