The Very Best of Consuela, The Maid from Family Guy  

Robert Wabash
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Consuela, the maid character on Family Guy, is a caricature of the Hispanic (and in her case, Mexican) housekeeper that a lot of people in America employ to clean their houses, watch their kids or whatever else it is they're too busy to do themselves. She hilariously illustrates the social dynamics between housekeepers and their employers by falling victim to the language barrier and the often arbitrary limits that most housekeepers set in order to avoid being exploited.

Consuela, most commonly known as "the maid from Family Guy," or the Family Guy cleaning lady, has also become one of the most popular side characters in Family Guy history. Family Guy has a knack, like The Simpsons, for coming up with extremely memorable recurring characters that make the best stereotypes and punchlines for cutaway scenes. Whenever Bruce, the "Oh nooo" guy makes an appearance in a scene, for example, you know you have something great to look forward to. The same goes for Consuela.

Consuela is an almost irrationally stubborn character that does the most annoying things that housekeepers do. Consistently. From answering the ringing phone while nobody is home and screwing up phone numbers, names and always doing the wrong thing, to refusing to bring in her own cleaning products even if she isn't paying for them. Either way, it's always hilarious. Especially when she interacts with Peter. When she is acting as Peter Griffin's maid, some of the funniest moments in Family Guy history are made -- which, interestingly, include Peter being a normal, not comedically "dumb" person. Smart Peter, as I've always said, is a lot funnier than Dumb Peter.

Like when Consuela refuses to buy Lemon Pledge for the house, even if Darth Stewie gives her money, or when she, as Superman's maid, refuses to take a flyer from Joe -- Consuela is a stubborn, bullheaded example of the worst case scenario for someone in your home on a daily basis.

So here's the very best and funniest videos of Consuela, the maid from Family Guy. Consuela's best moments are all included as videos. Fox does take things down from YouTube pretty consistently, though, so if you see any dead videos on this page and you find a working version of that bit, please post it in the comments.

And now, without further interruption, the funniest, most frustrating and best of the Family Guy maid: Consuela.
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Chris Sleeps with Consuela
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Consuela Cleans Bathroom While Peter Uses It
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Consuela as Superman's Maid
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Consuela Refuses to Use Store Brand Windex
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