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Not familiar with the "My Drunk Kitchen" videos? You should be. The best "My Drunk Kitchen" videos combine a woman's love for cooking (and, of course, food) with her love of alcohol in equal parts. Or maybe she likes the alcohol more. Either way, the result of "My Drunk Kitchen" creator Hannah Hart's YouTube videos is hilarity and a bit of education. She offers some pretty sage advice about cooking while intoxicated. Check out the very best of the "My Drunk Kitchen" video collection!
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My Drunk Kitchen Episode Six: Brunch?

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Our charming drunk chef decides to go all fancy in episode six of "My Drunk Kitchen," entitled simply, "Brunch?" Mimosas are a must when making brunch. After sharing her recipe for perfect Mimosas, and then partaking of her delicious cocktail, she gets her buzz on. She then partakes of another age-old brunch tradition: whining about "problems that aren't actually problems." Bravo, drunken chef, bravo!

Time to cook. She's making pancakes. She quickly learns that having pancake mix doesn't actually mean you've got all the ingredients you need. After adding (we think) all the necessary ingredients and gently mixing, she waits for the fire to heat the pan. And drinks. And then she adds trail mix to make some "f**kin' fancy pancakes." The result? A pancake "that looks like my dreams!"

Her final message?

"If you have a dream? You should...have your heart face. Pancakes!"
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My Drunk Kitchen Episode One: Butter Yo Shit

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In the very first episode of "My Drunk Kitchen," entitled "Butter Yo S**t," our drunken wanna be chef is enjoying a lovely free wine (that she found in her sister's kitchen, always a plus). She also gives a few helpful tips about cooking while drunk (be sure to dance, run and sprint, drink lots of water, etc.). Clearly she's establishing the basic idea of the show (little confused of course). And really, when it comes right down to it, you probably shouldn't be drunk while cooking. If you are, you might want to make a video of it...

So. Moving on, our drunken chef attempts to make a nice grilled cheese sandwich. Definitely an awesome treat for the tipsy (or the more than tipsy). Bread, butter and heat. That's kinda all you need. So, as she says, "butter your s**t." Other suggested steps, not necessarily in any kind of order, include: "Use food," "use a butter knife for everything," "clean while you go" and definitely "don't f**king hurt yourself." And above all else: DO NOT forget that you're cooking. Oh, and if you are making a grilled cheese, be sure to have cheese in the house. Yep, important stuff.
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My Drunk Kitchen Episode Four: Not Easy, Bake Oven

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Episode four of "My Drunk Kitchen," entitled "Not Easy, Bake Oven," opens by defining Drunk Baking:

"An art best performed with moderate supervision so as not to burn down one's apartment."

How wise. Safety conscious! And we're baking! Or getting baked. Our key ingredients? Champagne and eggs. Oh and the fire marshall. He's helpful. Our drunken chef snags a cookie recipe off the web, sets the oven to "bake" and drinks. A lot. While she waits for the oven to heat up.

Our additional ingredients:
"Some f**kin' flour"
"Some f**kin' butter"
"Some f**kin' mother f**kin' eggs."

This ain't the Food Channel. And that's why we love it.

In a mixing bowl, our (now heavily intoxicated cook) is getting a little bored with this complicated recipe. Way too many f**kin' things. She wants easy recipes, not stuff that has secret codes. Her best advice for handling this "pretentious ass recipe?" Put all the s**t in a bowl and mix it up. Yep. That's the best drunken cooking advice yet. Oh, and try to have enough alcohol on hand to get you through making the whole recipe, start to finish.

While you're waiting for the cookies to bake, you can clean up your mess so your roommates don't get pissed you're doing a drunk cooking show. Also, you can look up cookie baking sheets and order them online. You know, so you don't make cookie biscuits. Or cookie cornbread.
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My Drunk Kitchen Episode Eight: Ice Cream? Someday...

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Uh oh. Our drunk chef is clearly more intoxicated than usual in this "My Drunk Kitchen" episode, entitled, "Ice Cream? Someday..." In this video, our chef recognizes that it's summer. It's warm. So she's gonna keep the cooking to a minimum. This likely means way, way more drinking (this episode's choice is a nice rose wine). And ice cream. Because it's nostalgic.

Our drunken chef has decided that making an entire batch of homemade ice cream is a bit much for her to handle. She's making a smaller amount, using a sandwich bag and a snack pack baggie. She adds milk, vanilla, and a little sugar (she substitutes a little raw sugar instead) in her baggie. She's tired, so she has a little more wine. In the larger baggie, she adds ice cubes and salt, putting the smaller bag in the larger one. She shakes. And shakes. And shakes the baggie. A bit too much. Things get messy. Her solution? More wine. And put the bag in the freezer. Get out a real carton of ice cream. Put on cone. Smother cone with s**t. Cram in face. Easy peasy!
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