The Very Best of the College Freshman Meme

The very best of the College Freshman Meme introduces us to random student guy, a dude who is ready to take on the world before he's even passed a single class. Yes, the College Freshman Meme is enjoying the challenges that nearly every freshman college student faces at one time or another: keeping grades up while partying his ass off, bragging to friends about his partying and then, figuring out how to pay for all the partying. He loves Bob Marley, man, (but he only knows "One Love"), has just discovered The Beatles and believes, after mastering just a few guitar chords, that he's a budding musician. He'll play "Rock You Like a Hurricane" for anyone who cares to hear (and some who don't) as he leaves his dorm room wide open and sits on his little cot/bed strumming away, missing class (again) while he follows his dream to become the next rock star!

The College Freshman Meme is popular – with good reason. This Meme is SO stereotypical, we all know him. Or we've known him back in the day, though we don't often admit it. This guy will change majors more times than most change socks, and his poor (or soon to be poor) parental unit will gladly finance his six or seven years of higher learning (plus at least five years of fraternity dues, depending on when they finally decide to kick him out of the frat house). He's also have a hit on Reddit – and he thinks that's way cool. Dude.

Without further adieu, we present to you the very, very best of the College Freshman Meme! And if you're looking for some other great memes, check out these lists for the very best of the Lonely Computer Guy Meme (probably College Freshman Meme's father), the very best of the Oblivious Suburban Mom Meme (probably his mama) and the very best of the Good Guy Greg Meme (his mentor).

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    College Freshman Meme Needs to Cut the Cord

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    College Freshman Meme: Multilingual

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    College Freshman Meme Loves Bob Marley, Really

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    College Freshman Meme: Downtrodden and Ungrateful