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Ariel Kana
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The Guile theme goes with everything. Like any character in Street Fighter, Guile, the most popular American military character in the fighting game franchise, has his own musical theme. This theme, it turns out, much like drugs, enhances EVERYTHING. Once YouTube found this out, they started putting his theme to everything from viral videos, to movie scenes, to TV intros, to even some of the greatest tragedies in human history. So, in honor of the 24th anniversary of Street Fighter this month (August, 2011), in all its glory, here's the best of the Guile Theme Goes with Everything meme. Because it really does go with everything.

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Guile Theme Goes with the Dancing Scene from Kickboxer

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This is not only super appropriate because Jean Claude Van Damme actually played Guile in the Street Fighter movie from the 90s (which is fondly remembered by many as something they want to forget), but because the moments where the song actually gets kind of jazzy, Van Damme really starts to get down in one of the greatest post-training-montage scenes in film history.
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Guile Theme Goes with That One KFC Commercial (for 10 Hours)

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This particular video is from a KFC commercial where a guy dances with two fried chicken drumsticks while seemingly eating them. He's dancing with them while eating them. And someone decided to not only put this to the Guile theme (because it goes with everything), but they decided to loop the video. For 10 hours. This is a 10 hour version of this joke. This is why the internet was invented.
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Sonic Rainboom - My Little Pony

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This one's for any "bronies" out there. It's a moment in which a pony must perform something called the Sonic Rainboom. Needless to say, this pony has a lot of hard work ahead of him; but when he finally achieves that Sonic Boom status, the Guile theme not only fits him, but makes the show seem watchable.
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Guile Theme Goes with a Dutch Burger Commercial

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In this Dutch commercial where a tough guy comes out of nowhere and yells at the screen, he's supposed to look hard.

But he doesn't look hard, he looks silly... until the Guile theme comes along and adds some tough to the room with its awesomeness.
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