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The Very Best of the Pickup Line Scientist Meme

The very best of the Pickup Line Scientist meme illustrates clearly why a lot of us are still single. This meme features Simon Helberg's character, scientist Howard Wolowitz, from the CBS sitcom 'The Big Bang Theory.' And it's pretty much an extension of his jokes from the show.

Yes, the Pickup Line Scientist is a genius - no one would argue. However, he's seriously lacking in the whole relating-to-other-people department. Unless the Pickup Line Scientist is lucky enough to hit on a fellow genius scientist type, he's going to strike out. Miserably. Never mind that the girl who shoots him down now will regret it in 10 years when the Pickup Line Scientist makes a gazillion dollars. This is now. He needs help NOW.

These are just some examples of the Pickup Line Scientist meme - and they definitely hammer home the point that this poor guy needs help.

Perhaps our Pickup Line Scientist meme could get some pointers from the Courage Wolf meme? Otherwise he's going to wind up hanging out at the Lonely Computer Guy meme's house, trolling Reddit for dates and wishing he could be more like the Good Guy Greg meme. 

What are the best pickup line scientist meme? Take a look here and see for yourself!
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    Pickup Line Scientist Knows Physics

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    Pickup Line Scientist: Master of the Double Entendre

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    Pickup Line Scientist Woos With Genetics

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    Pickup Line Scientist Explains the Big Bang Theory

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