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20 Things You Should Know About The Vision

Avengers: Age of Ultron has introduced movie audience to a slew of new characters. Although fans of Marvel's premier team of heroes probably recognize Paul Bettany's character, other fans might be scratching their heads asking "Who is The Vision?" Don't worry - Ranker Comics has you covered with this list of facts about the phasing Avenger, Vision.

The Vision can actually trace his origins in comics all the way back to the Golden Age when he was created by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby. It was actually Stan "The Man" Lee and Roy Thomas who dusted off the android and gave him new life in the Avengers comics, where he quickly became a staple of the team. 

Who is the Vision from Avengers? Unplug and sit up straight! Ultron's hoards are at the mansion doors and the Avengers need back up! It's time you clued yourself into the hero known as Vision! Look over these fun facts and trivia tidbits and impress your friends as you leave the theater this weekend!
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    Stan Lee and Roy Thomas Brought Him to the Avengers

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    Even though there had been a character called Vision before (back when Marvel was still Timely Comics), it was Stan Lee and Roy Thomas who brought the character into the Silver Age of comics and created the version that audiences know today. The character first appeared as an agent of Ultron in Avengers #57 in October of 1968.

    The Avengers convince the andriod to turn against its creator, and the rest is history.


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    Vision Blows Himself Up to Stop Grim Reaper

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    During the Chaos War, deceased Avengers were brought back to life to fight villains like Grim Reaper and Nekra. Vision, one of the resurrected heroes, decided to sacrifice himself by self-detonating and taking out Grim Reaper. Although he has lost his second chance at life, Vision decides that the most human thing he can do is die.

    In doing this, he has finally gained the humanity he has always longed for. 

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    Scarlet Witch and Vision Have a Thing Going On

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    The romance between Scarlet Witch and Vision began way back in Avengers #75 when Wanda and her brother Pietro first joined the team. From there, the couple dated, fell in love and eventually married! At one point in their relationship, they retired from the Avengers and tried to live a quiet life in rural New Jersey. 

    Through all the tragedies and catastrophes the team has faced, Wanda and Vision have been on again, off again, but the flame still burns between them. 
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    Vision Has an All White Costume

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    During the "Vision Quest" storyline in West Coast Avengers, Vision is taken apart and it's up to Hank Pym to rebuild him. However, Pym could not get the coloration pigment right on the hero. The result was Vision's synthetic skin remaining damaged and taking on a ghostly pallor.