Anime Underground The Voices Of Your Favorite Anime Characters May Surprise You  

Rebecca High

Back when Disney first started throwing "behind the magic" bonus features, it was a hugely popular draw for purchasing DVDs. And with good reason: it's always fun to see just who is behind the voices of your favorite animated characters. Anime is no exception, and this fun video peeks behind the cartoons to see who brings the characters to sound. 

There are a few that might surprise you. Pikachu's sidekick, preteen male protagonist Ash Ketchum (Satoshi), is voiced by a woman, not a prepubescent boy (as is totally plausible). Veronica Taylor breathed him into life for Pokémon's first eight seasons.

Then there's Sailor Moon and her fellow Sailor warriors: haven't you always wondered who owns the bubblegum-pop voices behind "pink sugar heart attack!"?

If you love anime and behind the scenes peeks, you'll definitely want to watch this video and catch a rare glimpse of all your favorites.