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Lisa Waugh
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WARNING: Spoilers may blow the horn at any time during this list. Also, violence is discussed and shown. It’s mostly Carol’s fault.  

You can’t have a zombie apocalypse without a lot of blood, guts, and death. On The Walking Dead, everyone’s infected and their end is always near, but it’s really how they're taken out that will be remembered. There are the heartbreaking deaths of characters and then there are the badass kills that are the bedrock of The Walking Dead.  

The best kills from The Walking Dead range from the well-deserved justice for the bad guys to the cool ways the characters take out walkers. Michonne’s killing of The Governor. Carol’s Wolf disguise and Chuck Norris/Rambo killing spree in Alexandria and Terminus. Daryl’s triple decapitation with a chain at the Wolf trap. Carl’s killing of walker Shane. Glenn’s walker kill with a chair.  

One of the craziest kills in all of the seasons of The Walking Dead is Rick’s brutal throat ripping of Joe from the Claimed group. Rick had gone primal already back at the prison so poor Joe has no idea what he’s capable of. As the Claimed group threatens to rape Michonne and Carl, Rick digs deep into that dark dark place and goes medieval on him. No one saw that coming. 

No one is more stone cold than Carol, though. She may pretend to be a shy demure housewife in season six but she’s become a warrior in the purest sense. Rick gives speeches, but there is no warning with Carol anymore. From domestic abuse survivor to Rambo, Carol kills like she's making a casserole and cutting up slices with her brass knuckle knife.  

What are the best kills on The Walking Dead? Michonne and The Governor? Carl and Lori? Daryl and those river walkers when he was looking for Sophia? Rick dispatching Porch D*ck? Or Carol as a wolf in Wolf’s clothing? Vote up the most badass/memorable kills on The Walking Dead.
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Carol Kills Just About Everyone at Terminus

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Weapons used: Rifles, handguns, bottle rocket 

If the Alexandrians had of seen Carol in Daryl's poncho and smeared with udnead guts at Terminus, they wouldn’t have let her in at all, even with her culinary skills. After being exiled by Rick, Carol doesn’t stray far from the prison and tracks the group to Terminus after the prison falls.  

Because Carol is cool as hell and because she has a forgiving soul, she blows up Terminus by shooting a bottle rocket into a large gas tank, killing as many cannibals as she can, allowing Rick and the group to escape. Her reunion with Daryl is a fan favorite. 
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Carol Disguised as a Wolf Kills Invading Wolves and Gravely Wounded Alexandrians

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Weapons used: Guns, signature brass knuckle knife 

In episode two of season six, Carol stepped up for the Chuck Norris crown when she shifted into her stone cold killer mode to defend Alexandria against the attack of a group calling themselves the Wolves. She shed her happy homemaker clothes and literally slipped into a Wolf’s clothing, which allowed her to turn on the Wolves and go on a killing spree. 

As Morgan tried to do the right thing and save some lives, Carol was having none of it. One bullet, no monologue, Carol out. She also had to kill a few gravely injured Alexandrians, including smoker Shelly Niedermeyer. Now they can all stop looking for that pasta maker Shelly wouldn't shut up about. 
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Carol Mercy Kills Lizzie

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Weapon used: Handgun   

It’s not that this killing is badass, but it does demonstrate Carol’s inner strength and willingness to do what must be done. Carol finds herself in an awful situation when she has to put down a little girl who thinks walkers are still people. 

The pre-zombie world had therapy and medicine for the mentally disturbed Lizzie. In this world and as a mother, Carol knows that taking Lizzie’s life will save her from a future of pain and endangering others. As she readies herself to take the girl out, Carol's humanity shine through as she says, “Look at the flowers, Lizzie.” 
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Carol Kills Truck D*cks

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Weapons Used: Sleeve Gun, Spike 
In her plans to walk the earth and figure things out, Carol is not 10 minutes out of Alexandria before she runs into a truckload of Negan’s men. Tearfully, Carol tries to warn the fellas about her penchant for killing the crap out of people who cross her. They think she’s some mousy lady driving around in a Mad Max Cabrio, but they have no idea that Carol’s sewing skills have allowed her to slip a weapon up her coat sleeve. After she blows away everyone in the truck, she has to face off with a sole survivor. He gets a spike through the chest. That whole trying to find peace thing is off to a bad start. 
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