The Walking Dead Season 6 Death Pool

*SPOILER ALERT!* Chances are if a character isn't on this list of characters who will die on The Walking Dead season 6, they're already dead!

The Walking Dead season 5 ended with some pretty gruesome deaths and season 6 is picking up right where it left off with some shocking exits. How will we ever look at one of those majestic glass revolving doors again without remembering Noah trapped in there becoming zombie kibble? How will we sit around a campfire roasting marshmallows without thinking about the Bob-B-Que? Throughout the show's run, the writers have not shied away from killing off major characters so it's not a matter of if they will die, but when and how

So who dies in season 6 of The Walking Dead? We don't have a definitive answer for this yet, but this is your chance to vote for the people who you think will kick the bucket on The Walking Dead's current season. However you slice it, the body count on The Walking Dead season 6 will be high. Vote up the characters you think will die this season,  and make sure to add any characters you think we've missed.