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The Water Diviner movie quotes follow one father who travels to find his three sons presumed killed during World War I. The historical drama was adapted by Andrew Anastasios and Andrew Knight from the book of the same name by Andrew Anastasios and Dr Meaghan Wilson-Anastasios. Russell Crowe directs and stars in the film, which opened in the United States on April 24, 2015.

In The Water Diviner, father and water diviner Joshua Connor (Russell Crowe) spends his days locating water and digging wells in Australia near the end of World War I. He returns home to learn that his three sons have gone off to fight in the war and are presumed dead. This is too much for wife, Eliza (Jacqueline McKenzie), to handle and she takes her own life. To help heal his wounds, Joshua sets off for Gallipoli to find his sons bodies and return them home to bury alongside his wife.

When Joshua arrives in Turkey, he meets a widowed hotel owner, Ayshe (Olga Kurylenko), who initially is cold towards him. He also works with the local ANZACs, including Major Hasan (Yılmaz Erdoğan) and Lt-Col Cyril Hughes (Jai Courtney) to attempt to find his sons. Joshua's ability to find water comes in handy for finding two of his boys' bodies but the mission proves quite difficult, especially in finding his third son and last outstanding family member.

The Water Diviner earned rave reviews when it opened internationally and is sure to draw crowds as it opens in American theaters alongside The Age of Adaline True Story, Ex Machina, The Longest Ride and Furious 7.
The Only Father Who Came Looking
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Major Hasan: What are you doing with your farmer?
Lt-Col Cyril Hughes: There's a supply ship back to Constantinople in two days.
Major Hasan: Maybe we can help him until then.
Lt-Col Cyril Hughes: You know what the chances of finding his boys are.
Major Hasan: We have the day they were killed. I know the area.
Lt-Col Cyril Hughes: We both know it but why change everything for one father who can't stay put?
Major Hasan: Because he is the only father who came looking.

Turkish officer Major Hasan is clearly moved by Joshua arriving looking for his sons, so much so that he instructs Hughes to help him in this mission. Hasan has never seen a parent come looking for a child lost in war and wants to give Joshua all the help he can.
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Hope's a Necessity
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Ayshe: It is not easy to marry for love here. Maybe my mother was right. Too good was mad. Bills to the roof not paid. Musical hours, parties, lazy friends. I miss Caicos.
Joshua Connor: I wish my mother arranged my marriage.
Ayshe: You did not love your wife?
Joshua Connor: No, I adored her. I was just so bad at courting. I think she only married me out of impatience.
Ayshe: But it was happy?
Joshua Connor: Very, until the boys were lost. It's good to know where they are, not lost or nameless anymore. I've was told my oldest son was taken prisoner.
Ayshe: So he's alive?
Joshua Connor: I don't know.
Ayshe: But you have hope?
Joshua Connor: Hope's a necessity where I come from.

Joshua and Ayshe talk about love and marriage, as well as hope. Joshua feels he made mistakes with his wife and that this opportunity to find his sons can help heal those wounds.
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I'll Find Them
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Eliza Connor: You can find water but you can't even find your own children.
Joshua Connor: My boys, Arthur, Henry and Edward Connor, all enlisted together and they died together. They should be buried at home with their mother... I'll find them, love. I'll find them and I'll bring them home to you.

Joshua and wife Eliza argue about Joshua not being there when his three boys went off to war. This proves to much for Eliza, who takes her own life, leading Joshua on a journey to find his three sons and bring them home.
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Go Home, Mr. Connor
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Lt-Col Cyril Hughes: It's not safe. You can't stay.
Ayshe: This is not your world. Go home, Mr. Connor.

Despite making progress in finding his sons, Joshua faces a good deal of resistance in Turkey. Both Hughes and Ayshe want him to leave the area but there is still much work to be done.
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