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For many of us, shows on the WB were responsible for informing our early years, teaching us that love is complicated, your favorite actors had to start somewhere, good writing doesn’t always guarantee a second season, and that sometimes experiments in the TV lab go horribly awry. A quick scan of the list of the top WB television network shows reveals just how far showrunners, producers, and writers were willing to go to entertain us and grab those ratings. The result is a stellar and iconic list of shows that The WB should be proud of. And then there are the WB television series that will probably never be revived on Netflix, and are probably best to forget altogether.  

The best TV shows on the WB network did more than entertain us - they affected our everyday lives. Did you name your pet Lorelai or Rory? Or your daughter? Did you have a special stake you carved yourself and kept it in your bedroom just in case Buffy and Giles were right about the Hellmouth? How many family weddings and dance recitals did you tape over to keep up with the latest episodes of Supernatural, One Tree Hill, Dawson’s Creek, and Roswell?  

Sure, those are some of the superstars of The WB network shows line-up, but how about the unsung Everwood, starring a floppy haired yet adorable Chris Pratt before he guarded the galaxy? Or Jack & Bobby with a young Bradley Cooper and John Slattery pre-day cocktails on Mad Men? Young power struggled with puberty before power.  

The WB television network allowed Sex and the City’s Darren Star to go deliciously meta with Grosse Pointe, a good WB television TV series about the behind the scenes of a WB television network TV series. What’s better than making fun of big Hollywood insider stuff? Nothing.  

What was your favorite WB series? Young Americans where Ian Somerhalder first showed us a glimpse of those spellbinding eyebrows? The Wayans Brothers Show giving us Dupree? Blue Collar TV and the comedy sketch stylings of Jeff Foxworthy? A young Penn Badgely in Do Over before his days of heart robbery on Gossip Girl. Or are you forever loyal about your Gilmore Girls and squealed like it's 2000 when Netflix announced it was giving the show some new streaming time? Or does your heart lie with Felicity and that's why you're watching The Americans? Both? 

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