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The Wild Life movie quotes bring the laughs from the animated film about Robinson Crusoe. Vincent Kesteloot and Ben Stassen directed the movie, which was written by Lee Christopher, Domonic Paris and Graham Weldon. Showing in 3D, The Wild Life opened in theaters in the United States on September 9, 2016.

In The Wild Life, all is well on a tropical island inhabited by parrot Mak (voiced by Kata Yanar), tapir Rosie (voiced by Cindy aus Marzahn), echidna Epi (voiced by Aylin Tezel), goat Scrubby (voiced by Dieter Hallervorden) and others. Then one day, a ship washes ashore with Robinson Crusoe (voiced by Matthias Schweighöfer) and his dog. 

While the animals are initially fearful of the newcomers, they learn to coexist and even help one another survive. That turns out to be a good thing as more visitors, in the form of pirates (including voices by  Axel Lutter) and angry cats, have come to the island with bad intentions. Robinson and the animals must work together to save themselves from these threats.

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Mak: Pirates?
Pango: This is not good, mate. 

As if Robinson coming to the island wasn't excitement enough, Mak and Pango realize that they have more new visitors, pirates. Surely this will not end well.

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What's Out There, Mak?
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Epi: What's out there, Mak?
Mak: I'm not sure what it is.
Robinson Crusoe: Oh, land, sweet land!

The island's animals see something has joined them in their paradise, but are unsure of what exactly has arrived. This clip and The Wild Life movie quote shows just who the new visitors are.

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What Do You Say We Help Him Out?
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Robinson Crusoe: Ugh, how am I ever going to survive on this island?
Epi: What's he doing?
Mak: Building a human nest in the tree!
Scrubby: What do you say we help him out?

In a show of humans and animals living peacefully together, this The Wild Life movie quote features Robinson pursuing survival on the island and the animals helping him out. Well, some animals are helping, others are scratching themselves on his construction.

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He Stripped Off His Skin

Mak: We need to find out what these newcomers' intentions are.
Kiki: Look, he stripped off his skin! 
Pango: It's hideous!
Epi: I'm going to be sick!

Mak, Kiki and the others are unsure of the new visitors' intentions for coming to their peaceful island. While they don't initially see any reason they'd be harmed, they are a bit grossed out when Robinson Crusoe takes his clothes off.

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