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'The Woman in Black' movie quotes are some of the best lines from the 2012 horror and mystery film. Daniel Radcliffe stars in 'The Woman in Black' as Arthur Kipps, an attorney who winds up smack in the middle of a terrifying mystery in a small town. Not surprisingly, some of the best quotes in 'The Woman in Black' come from Radcliffe. This list includes many of the most memorable lines from the film. If you have a favorite, by all means, vote it up! And if there's a 'Woman in Black' quote that stood out to you that isn't on the list, add it.

'The Woman in Black' movie is based on the 1983 novel of the same name by Susan Hill. The long-awaited film version stars Radcliffe, Ciaran HInds and Janet McTeer, among others. When Radcliffe, as Arthur Kipps, arrives at the remote Eel Marsh House to settle the estate of an elderly woman who has just died, he quickly discovers that something mysterious is happening in the home. Eventually, Kipps learns the terrifying tale of the Woman in Black, and realizes he might be in over his head.

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Move On

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Mr. Daily: "So, you're from London, trying to sell the Eel Marsh House?"
Arthur Kipps: "Yes."
Mr. Bentley: "You won't find a local buyer. The sooner the house is sold, the sooner people can move on."

Arthur hasn't even gotten off the train before he begins to realize that something is very strange about the Eel Marsh House, thanks to resident Mr. Daily (Ciaran Hinds). Something is definitely very, very wrong about that house.
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The Woman in Black Poem

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Child's Voice: "Have you seen her? The Woman in Black? She once lost a boy, and now she’s come back. Our parents all worry, they make such a fuss: For if she can’t find him, she’ll take one of us."

This eerie poem sets the mood for 'The Woman in Black,' and it explains what's going on. A vengeful spirit haunts the Eel Marsh House. If you see her, you die. This includes the town's children.
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Tricks in the Dark

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Mr. Daily: "I believe even the most rational mind can play tricks in the dark."

Arthur Kipps seems like a rational, sensible guy - until he gets wrapped up in the mystery surrounding the Eel Marsh House. Once that happens, he starts to see things he can't explain. Are they, as Mr. Daily suggests, merely "tricks in the dark?" Or is the Woman in Black real?
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Spectre of Darkness

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Child's Voice: "During afternoon tea, there's a shift in the air. A bone trembling chill that tells you she's there. There are those who believe the whole town is cursed - but the house in the marsh is by far worse. What she wants is unknown, but she always comes back. The spectre of darkness: The Woman in Black."

Is the entire town cursed by The Woman in Black? Quite possibly, but the story suggests that the Eel Marsh House is the epicenter of all the worst activity, haunted by "the spectre of darkness" -- a ghost that terrorizes everyone, but especially the children.