Graveyard Shift The Woman Who Feels No Fear Has Almost Died 5 Times, And Her Story Is Terrifying  

Rebecca High

We casually throw the term "fearless" around a lot, especially when it comes to describing daring feats. Wouldn't it be cool to get rid of some of your fear and open up brain space to take more risks? Actually, as this video points out, fearlessness might not be the coolest thing after all.

The patient known only as "SM" has a rare genetic disorder: Urbach-Wiethe. Only about 400 people have ever been reported with the disorder, but most of these haven't necessarily experienced SM's strange symptom: a permanent state of fearlessness.

In the case of SM, the disease eroded a critical part of in her brain, the amygdala, that affects fear processing. Although the idea of being able to live life fearlessly is appealing on the surface, it's no party for SM. In fact, her real name is secret because of the fear that someone will take advantage of her fearlessness.

Watch this video for more on SM's life and how it epitomizes the risks and complexities of a life without fear.