Tom Stoppard Plays List

List of Tom Stoppard plays with descriptions, including any musicals by Tom Stoppard, playwright. This Tom Stoppard plays list includes promotional photos when available, as well as information about co-writers and Tom Stoppard characters. This list of plays by Tom Stoppard is listed alphabetically and includes art of the play's posters when available. List is made up of items like Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead and Professional Foul. What plays did Tom Stoppard write? All these, one-acts, musicals, or full-length plays are by Tom Stoppard and can help you decide, "What are the best Tom Stoppard plays?" {#nodes}

  • After Magritte
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    After Magritte

    After Magritte is a surreal comedy written by Tom Stoppard in 1970. It was first performed in the Green Banana Restaurant at the Ambiance Lunch-hour Theatre Club in London.
  • Arcadia
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    Arcadia is a 1993 play by Tom Stoppard concerning the relationship between past and present, order and disorder, certainty and uncertainty. It has been praised by many critics as the finest play from one of the most significant contemporary playwrights in the English language. In 2006, the Royal Institution of Great Britain named it one of the best science-related works ever written.
    • Characters: Richard Noakes, Septimus Hodge, Captain Brice, Lady Croom, Valentine Coverly
  • Artist Descending a Staircase
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    Artist Descending a Staircase is a radio play by Tom Stoppard, first broadcast by the BBC in 1972, and later adapted for live theatre. The play centers on a murder mystery involving an artist who dies from falling down a set of stairs. The play is a humorous exploration of the meaning and purpose of art. The title alludes to Marcel Duchamp's painting Nude Descending a Staircase.
  • Dirty Linen and New-Found-Land
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    Dirty Linen and New-Found-Land

    Dirty Linen and New-Found-Land is a pair of two 1976 Tom Stoppard plays that are always performed together. New-Found-Land interrupts the two parts of Dirty Linen. It was first performed as an Ambiance Lunch-Hour Theatre Club presentation at Interaction's Almost Free Theatre on April 6, 1976. Then, opening in June 1976, it played four years at the Arts.[1]
  • Dogg's Hamlet, Cahoot's Macbeth
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    Dogg's Hamlet, Cahoot's Macbeth

    Dogg's Hamlet, Cahoot's Macbeth are two plays by Tom Stoppard, written to be performed together. This was not the first time that Stoppard had made use of Shakespearian texts in his own plays or even the first time he had used Hamlet although the context is far different from that of his earlier Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead. Stoppard would return to the theme of artistic dissent against the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia in Rock 'n' Roll. It was performed on Broadway for 28 performances and 2 previews at the 22 Steps opening October 3, 1979 and closing October 28, 1979.
  • Enter a Free Man
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    Enter a Free Man

    Enter a Free Man is a play by Tom Stoppard that follows the story of an unsuccessful inventor named George Riley. The play was first performed on March 28, 1968, at the St. Martin's Theatre. It was directed by Frith Banbury and starred Michael Hordern.