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List of Victor Herbert plays with descriptions, including any musicals by Victor Herbert, playwright. This Victor Herbert plays list includes promotional photos when available, as well as information about co-writers and Victor Herbert characters. This list of plays by Victor Herbert is listed alphabetically and includes art of the play's posters when available. This list contains items like Sally and Babes in Toyland. What plays did Victor Herbert write? All these, one-acts, musicals, or full-length plays are by Victor Herbert and can help you decide, "What are the best Victor Herbert plays?" (8 items)
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Babes in Toyland

Babes in Toyland is an operetta composed by Victor Herbert with a libretto by Glen MacDonough, which wove together various characters from Mother Goose nursery rhymes into a Christmas-themed musical extravaganza. Following the extraordinary success of their stage musical The Wizard of Oz, which was produced in New York beginning in January 1903, producer Fred R. Hamlin and director Julian P. Mitchell hoped to create more family musicals. MacDonough had helped Mitchell with revisions to the Oz libretto by L. Frank Baum. Mitchell and MacDonough persuaded Victor Herbert to join the production. Babes in Toyland features some of Herbert's most famous songs – among them "Toyland", "March of the ...more on Wikipedia

Authors / Creators: Victor Herbert , Glen MacDonough

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Naughty Marietta

Naughty Marietta is an operetta in two acts, with libretto by Rida Johnson Young and music by Victor Herbert. Set in New Orleans in 1780, it tells how Captain Richard Warrington is commissioned to unmask and capture a notorious French pirate calling himself "Bras Priqué" – and how he is helped and hindered by a high-spirited runaway, Contessa Marietta. The score includes many well-known songs, including "Ah! Sweet Mystery of Life". Naughty Marietta had its first performance on October 24, 1910, in Syracuse, New York, and opened on Broadway on November 7, 1910, playing for 136 performances at the New York Theatre. It enjoyed revivals in 1929 at Jolson's 59th Street Theatre and in 1931 at ...more on Wikipedia

Authors / Creators: Victor Herbert

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Eileen is a comic opera with music by Victor Herbert and lyrics and book by Henry Blossom, based loosely on the 1835 novel Rory O'Moore by Herbert's grandfather, Samuel Lover. Set in 1798, the story concerns an Irish revolutionary arrested by the British for treason. Eileen, his nobly born sweetheart, helps him to escape by disguising him as a servant. After two Cleveland performances at the Colonial Theatre on January 1–2, 1917 titled Hearts of Erin, the musical moved on to Boston, changing its name to Eileen. It then opened at the Shubert Theatre on March 19, 1917 and ran for only 64 performances. It was produced by Joe Weber, formerly of the comedy duo Weber and Fields. It then toured, ...more on Wikipedia

Authors / Creators: Victor Herbert , Henry Blossom

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Mlle. Modiste

Mlle. Modiste is an operetta in two acts composed by Victor Herbert with a libretto by Henry Blossom. It concerns hat shop girl Fifi, who longs to be an opera singer, but who is such a good hat seller that her employer, Mme. Cecil, discourages her in her ambitions and exploits her commercial talents. Also, Fifi loves Etienne de Bouvray, who returns her love, but his uncle, Count Henri, opposes their union. The operetta features the song "Kiss Me Again". After tryouts in Trenton, New Jersey and Washington, D.C., in October 1905, and a two-month tour, the operetta premiered on Broadway on December 25, 1905, at the Knickerbocker Theatre, where it ran for 202 performances and was revived the ...more on Wikipedia

Authors / Creators: Victor Herbert , Henry Blossom