The World's Best Paintball Fields

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Built by paintballers for paintballers. If you know of an awesome field, great park, or demanding terrain others should visit, add it to this list. Let's make THE list of the best paintball fields in the world. Then we can all start booking holidays. These paintball fields are literally all over the world and these courses are some of the most renowned in the industry

What's the best paintball place in the world? What is the best paintball arena in the world? If you have an opinion, vote and add the best paintball fields. If you're a paintballer, you definitely want to know where these places are.


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    Skirmish USA

    700 acre paintball mecca that boasts over 50 playing fields full of woods, tanks, forts, downed helicopters, city scapes, and a pair of castles.  It is also the site of paintball's biggest 'scenario games', including 'Invasion of Normandy' that draws almost 4,000 participants each July.
    • Located In: Albrightsville, PA, USA
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    Gotchaspielfeld Nord - Europe's biggest Paintball Field

    With over 200.000 qm and over 18 different fields it is the biggest paintball field in Europe.

    • Located In: Poland , Brozek at the German Border
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    D-Day Adventure Park

    Home to the world's one of the worlds largest paintball events!
    • Located In: 66800 E 175th Rd, Wyandotte, Oklahoma
    • Area (km sq.): 740
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    Xtreme Kombat Paintball

    Xtreme Kombat is the best paintball park on the east coast. Real jet fighter airplanes, Hollywood produced sets and other activities like Lasertag, airsoft and zip lining.
    • Located In: Raleigh-Durham, NC. USA
    • Area (km sq.): 50 acres