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The Worst (Best?) Internet Reactions to KONY 2012  

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This Kony 2012 campaign is the biggest video on the internet right now. I'm going to start off by saying that a lot of these jokes are horribly offensive. So go in knowing that even if they're terrible, gag-inducing jokes, they're raising awareness so there's that. From 4Chan, to Reddit, to Twitter, Tumblr and beyond, here's what the internet had to offer as far as reactions go to the whole KONY 2012 ordeal. If you're behind on the whole thing, there's a quick synopsis of what KONY 2012 is, as well as the video itself below. The best internet reactions to the KONY2012 campaign, memes, images, Facebook statuses and more.

The KONY2012 Campaign
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Joseph Kony is a monster who has enslaved kids into either prostitution or made them into soldiers after taking them out of their homes. Thanks to a 30-minute documentary (which you can watch in its entirety above) by Invisible Children (a non-profit organization), they've gotten their film on this jerk, titled Kony 2012, to go viral, getting over 40 million views in just three days and climbing.

This is something that everyone can rally over since children are being exploited, abused and tortured, so the video's goal is to make enough money and to raise enough awareness to make Joseph Kony famous.

The evocative video has brought some people to be skeptical about how much of the money goes to the actual cause, though, which has stirred some controversy. Popular blogs and celebrities like Wil Wheaton have commented on where the money goes, and think there are better causes people can donate to in order to have more of an impact/get more bang for their charitable buck.

Here's the campaign's response to its critics (including a graph of where all the money goes and how the campaign will actually make a difference).

Now that you're basically caught up (this page will be updated as more news comes along), here are the funniest, most horribly "too soon" reactions to the Joseph Kony and the KONY2012 campaign the internet had to offer.

And now, for the stupid jokes.
A Hardcore Trolling Idea from 4Chan

Take this image and post it talking about "how awesome this guy is" (the man pictured below is Carl Weathers's badass character from the movie Predator):

Here's this image being used in action:

Some People Think This is a Coney Island Hot Dog Campaign

Reddit User Sees Kony Poster on LSD

Redidt user tookiselite12 took some LSD and saw the Kony poster. This is how he viewed it at the time: