The Worst Current SNL Cast Members

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Latest additions: Devon Walker, Sarah Sherman, Michael Longfellow
Most divisive: Bowen Yang

A list of the worst current Saturday Night Live cast members, as ranked by fans and casual critics. SNL has been on for 44 seasons that haven't always been glorious. Known for scooping up the most talented improv and comedy actors on the underground circuit and turning them into comedy superstars, sometimes even a show this great fails. After many long-term cast members left in 2012, the newcomers were given a chance to shine, but not all did.

Every SNL cast has the comedy actors you hate, who are the worst members of Saturday Night Live. From newcomers to more veteran cast members, some of them just don't have the ability to work as a comedy team and disappoint on a weekly basis. This list features long-time cast members like Kate McKinnon and long-time sketch comedy veteran Kenan Thompson, as well as newer faces like Alex Moffat and Ego Nwodim, who maybe just haven't had a chance to prove themselves.

Who are the worst SNL cast members still on the show in 2019-20? This list features the entire current cast, including repertory and featured players.

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  • Bowen Yang
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    Bowen Yang, while a strong and engaging presence, has struggled in his tenure on Saturday Night Live by often relying on stereotypical characters and predictable punchlines. Despite showing promise in some of his impersonations, his comedic timing and ability to fully commit to a role could use further development. With additional practice and a wider range of original characters, Yang could no doubt stand out amongst the more seasoned members of the cast.

  • Andrew Dismukes joined SNL in 2017 and is best known for his impressions and character work in pre-taped sketches. He often plays "average guy" roles and brings an understated comedic style.

  • Molly Kearney

    Molly Kearney joined in 2022 as SNL's first nonbinary cast member. They have a surreal, meta-comedic tone and tend to play quirky misfits.

  • Punkie Johnson became the first black lesbian cast member when she joined in 2020. She excels at subversive, ironic comedy and delivers searing cultural commentary through her stand-up style Weekend Update bits.

  • Michael Longfellow started in 2022, known for his self-deprecating humor and impressions. His delivery adds new flavor to the show's political satire.

  • Melissa Villaseñor, despite her unmatched talent for celebrity impressions, has nonetheless fallen short of reaching her full potential as an SNL cast member. At times, she struggles to hold her own in live comedy sketches that require a more dynamic approach. In order to truly flourish, Melissa would need to expand her repertoire, create memorable characters, and develop her quirkiness into something more broadly appealing.