Seriously, These Are the Worst Employees EVER

No one is perfect, but the bad employees on this list are some of the worst people that could ever be hired to work at a company ever. Between executives beating up their drivers and pizza cooks making food without wearing pants, there are enough employee horror stories collected here to make you never want to hire anyone again. Unless you’re a fan of gross incompetency mixed with a heaping spoonful of psychotic aggression, that is. If that’s the case these doofuses are exactly who you’re looking for to staff up your next juice bar or soup and crackers franchise. Believe us when we say that we’re not being hyperbolic, these are seriously the worst employees to ever join the workforce.

It’s not easy to be one of the worst employees ever. To get on this illustrious list of ne’er do wells you have to have a complete lack of work ethic, be willing to trade government equipment for drugs, and it doesn’t hurt for you to be tangentially connected with a terrorist organization or two. The terrible employees on this list aren’t just bad at their jobs, they’re the best at being bad at their jobs, and for that they deserve all of your respect, but none of your money because as we said – these are the WORST employees ever.

Vote up the employees on this list who are the absolute worst, and then leave a comment about how you’re secretly sleeping every day under your desk – no one will say anything to HR.