The Worst Gifts to Give Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime

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These ate the worst gifts to give anyone, anywhere, anytime. Unless you're in the market for your office's white elephant gift exchange, then these gifts are ones that you likely will be pretty annoyed to receive this holiday season. I mean, if I saw any of these gifts under my Christmas tree, I'd be so angry, put it mildly. These gifts are pretty ridiculous and by that, I mean awful. I mean, would you seriously consider giving a loved one a Nicolas Cage pillowcase? How about giving your brother a Justin Bieber alarm clock? I'm sure that will go over well. In the non-celebrity portion of the list, would you seriously consider buying an iPhone holder or pajama jeans? I don't think so. If you think these would be good gift ideas, then you should really think twice about your lack of good taste. 

But, if you're sadistic or perhaps a comedian, this list may help you embarrass, or at minimum, annoy a friend, family member or co-worker. So, if you're still on the fence for what gift to buy for that special someone, then I'd highly, highly recommend you don't get any of the gifts listed below. 

Take a look at the horrible gifts on this list. When you see these awful things, hopefully it will inspire you to find some pretty awesome gifts this holiday season. Vote on what gifts you think are the absolute worst on this list of pretty bad gifts.
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  • Fanny Farting Bank
    233 votes

    Fanny Farting Bank

    Maybe for a White Elephant party?
  • Party in the Tub Light
    205 votes

    Party in the Tub Light

    EDM take over hits your child's bathtub. Blah.
  • Justin Bieber Alarm Clock
    275 votes

    Justin Bieber Alarm Clock

    No. Words. Necessary.
  • The Brief Jerkey
    249 votes

    The Brief Jerkey

  • Razorblade Soap
    261 votes

    Razorblade Soap

    Does this make any sense to any sensible person?
  • Nicolas Cage Pillowcase
    280 votes

    Nicolas Cage Pillowcase

    Would YOU want to sleep on Nic Cage's face?