The Worst Razzie-Award Winning Movie of All Time

There are some movies out there that are unequivocal classic movies. Then there are those other movies - the ones that are so bad they also deserve recognition - just not the type of recognition the filmmakers involved was hoping for. For this type of film, we have the Golden Raspberry Awards – colloquially known as the Razzies. But what are the worst movies that won Razzies?

Numerous Razzie winners have become legendary in their own right over the years since the inception of the award in 1981; you’re probably already familiar with one or two based on word of mouth warnings. While some of these films have developed a reputation for being entertaining due to their low quality, just as many other have become completely reviled as utter trash that should never have been made - earning spots among the worst movies ever.

This list ranks the worst Razzie winners of all time, so be sure to vote up the Razzie-winning movies below you think are the worst of the worst, or vote down any films below you think aren't that bad.

Photo: Metaweb / CC-BY
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