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Gaffes The Worst Royal Gaffes of 2011  

Liz Paddington
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A list of all the funniest or most embarrassing British Royal Family gaffes of 2011. For fascinating talk, insight and discussion about the House of Windsor, be sure to tune in to's "Monarchy Chat" on Friday, December 9, at 1:30 pm ET.

It's the end to another year, so to commemorate, let's run down the funniest and worst errors made by the news, foreign dignitaries and celebrities dealing with the Royal Family, and even faux pas by the Royals themselves.

It was a big year for the Royal family. Naturally, he biggest news was the marriage of Prince William to Kate Middleton, a royal wedding that - much like the 1981 union of Prince Charles and Lady Diana - became worldwide phenomenon. With so much coverage by newspapers, TV networks and other media outlets around the globe, some small things were bound to go wrong, and they did. Other gaffes involve a failure (particularly among non-Brits) to observe proper ceremonial procedure and traditions around the royals, while others were simply the result of clumsiness or unavoidable human error.

This is a collection of some of the best/worst gaffes made around the Royal family in 2011. Some large, some small, but even the most minuscule mistake can seem huge when among people who believe in nothing more than perfection in all things at all times.
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Obama Ruins a Toast to the Queen

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When President Obama visited England earlier this year he found himself caught in a rather awkward spot. As he was making a toast to Her Majesty, the orchestra started playing. (The song was, of course, "God Save the Queen," the de facto British National Anthem while is played, in full, when the monarch is present.) Obaama continued through only to end with a raised glass to the Queen, who, of course, did not return the gesture, as her official song was not yet finished. Obama, realizing his mistake, placed his glass down and tried not to look embarrassed.

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Stamp Pulls Royal Couple Apart

It seems that not everyone think that the Royal Couple are going to last. The New Zealand Post released a commemorative stamp featuring the Duke and Duchess, but unfortunately, it is a double stamp with the split going down the middle. That is, right between the couple, making it impossible to use the stamps without violently ripping Kate and William apart. (Metaphorically, of course.) Not only that, but the Duke's side is worth a full dollar more than the Duchess's.

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Commemorative Mug Uses Photo of Prince Harry

I'm sure that we have all, at one point of another, confused someone for someone else. It's only human. Of course when you commemorate that mistake forever on a mug, that's a different story. Before they said their vows, the Royal Couple was the talk of the world, meaning that a variety of opportunistic companies came out of the woodwork to celebrate the couple's love through dishes, watches, mugs and pretty much anything else you can put a photograph on and sell. One mug company apparently did not know the difference between William and his brother, Prince Harry, a somewhat tragic (and sort of surprising!) mistake. Their mug not commemorates the marrying off of Will's bride to his younger brother. Yikes.

Don't worry Prince William Mug, there is always the Pippa Mug.
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Nicole Scherzinger Gets Confused

New X Factor judge, Nicole Scherzinger was wonderful at the Royal Variety Performance this year. Unfortunately, she had issues when it came to identifying exactly who was a Royal. She was quoted as saying: 'I’ve met Lord Lloyd-Webber. He is a Lord isn’t he? Fart, I think I called him Sir earlier on!' What Nicole doesn't seem to understand is that she was right the first time. It is Sir Andrew Lloyd-Webber, not Lord, as he is not part of the Royal family.

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