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The Worst Saturday Night Live Movies

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List RulesVote up the worst comedy movies that star present or former members of the Saturday Night Live cast.

There have been a lot of cast members of Saturday Night Live over the years and most of them have ventured into film.  Some of the worst SNL movies are the ones you were actually excited about beforehand. That's okay, you don't have to say which sketch-based film you were originally stoked to see, just vote up the bad Saturday Night Live movies.

Just because an SNL actor or an actress is hilarious on the show doesn't mean that they can stretch the concept of a skit to an hour and a half. Nor does their ability to get their co-workers to laugh on the show mean that they're anywhere as funny once they're up on the big screen alone, starring in a high-concept comedy they also produced. When it comes to films starring current and former Saturday Night Live cast and movies about an SNL character some of the worst include It's Pat and Stuart Little Saves His Family, neither of which made even a sixth of their budget at the box office.

Below you’ll find the worst comedies with an SNL alum in the main cast. From Tommy Boy to Anchorman, which movies featuring SNL cast members are the funniest? Did we miss any? Vote up the best and add any others you love that aren’t yet listed.

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