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The Worst TV Talent Show Judges Of All Time

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List RulesThe worst judge and panel members from any talent-based reality competition game shows

Judges are the key part of talent shows, it's their knowledge and expertise that decides which competitors have the skills to win. When talent-based competitive TV shows have bad judges then all the decisions leading up to the final winner can feel arbitrary or based on whim rather than talent. Some of the worst talent show judges make it feel like an entire season of a show was a loss.

Terrible talent show judges on skill-based competitive reality TV shows like America's Got Talent, America's Next Top Model and So You Think You Can Dance will nitpick at one competitor for things they praised in another, or be more focused on a feud with other judges than the effort and growth of the competitors. It's not just cruelty and nastiness that create the worst TV talent show judges, apathetic and ineffectual judges are just as bad. The ones who nod along mindlessly, unable to give feedback or convey why they're qualified to judge any sort of talent, can just ruin a show.

Here's your chance to turn the tables and to vote for the worst talent show judges. Who is the absolute worst? And, if we've forgotten somebody who particularly lacks the talent to be a talent show judge, be sure to add them to the list.