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25 Incredible Tattoos Inspired by The X-Files

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The truth is out there, and aliens are definitely real. Just ask Fox Mulder and Dana Scully: the two most prolific FBI agents in this galaxy, or any other. We want to believe that there are mysterious government agencies that exist for the sole purpose to chronicle - and cover up - the fact that extraterrestrial beings have made contact with a select few on Earth. The most devoted X-Files fans have chosen to display their belief in aliens and the supernatural by permanently tattooing these awesome X-Files tattoos on their Earthly bodies forever.

These alien-heavy tattoos will take you right back to the '90s, when Deep Throat was still leaving clues, and The Smoking Man loomed in the darkness, one step ahead of covering up the biggest supernatural conspiracies. Even if Skinner tells you to just play by the book and do your job, you know you kind of want to get a little X-Files ink of your own. 

The best X-FIles tattoos come with a little bit of mystery, intrigue, and danger. Whether you're a skeptic like Scully, or a true believer like Mulder, these X-Files tats are absolutely incredible. Vote up the best tattoos inspired by X-Files, and be sure to let us know what you think in the comment section.
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    "But Mulder! It's Just Not Science!"

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    And Deep Throat Is the Only One Who Can Help You Find It

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    Your Informant Will Be Stopping by as Soon as He Sees This Finger Tattoo

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