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Kevin James' comedy 'Zookeeper' promises to be highly quotable. Some of the best 'Zookeeper' movie quotes, though, are reserved for his furry co-stars, including lions (voiced by Sylvester Stallone and Cher), bears (voiced by Favreau and Faizon Love), a monkey (Adam Sandler) a giraffe (Maya Rudolph) and a gorilla (Nick Nolte). This movie is absolutely packed with major stars lending voices to the Franklin Park Zoo animals. Behold, some of the best, most memorable quotes from the 2011 summer comedy 'Zookeeper.'

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64 Meat Lovers Pizzas
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Pizza Guy: (on phone): "Okay let's review your order: That'll be 64 meat lovers pizzas, 32 caesar salads, and can I interest you in our new fudge roll?"
Bernie the Gorilla: "Yes."
Pizza Guy: "Alright, let's see - that's a total of $1636.74. Will that be cash or credit?"
Jerome the Bear: "Hang it up! Hang it up!"
(Bernie hangs up the phone)
Donald the Monkey: "So close."
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Bernie Drives the Van
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Griffin: "Hey, come on! Get out!"
Bernie the Gorilla: "I can do this."
Griffin: "Okay." (runs and gets in the van, which promptly crashes into a parked car)

Well, Bernie's driving skills leave much to be desired, don't they? Bernie, by the way, is voiced by Nick Nolte (hilariously).
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It's Barbed
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Stephanie: "Hey, I hope my being here doesn't make you uncomfortable."
Griffin: "I'm not uncomfortable - soooo comfortable." (gets speared in the face by a porcupine needle) "Ow!!"
Stephanie: "Oh my God, oh my God!"
Griffin: "No, it's fine, it's fine, I got it." (tries to pull out needle) "Ohhhhhh God, it's barbed! Okay, so hey - how you doing...."

Gotta hand it to Griffin Keyes, he's unflappable, even when taking a porcupine barb to the cheek...
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T.G.I. Fridays
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Bernie the Gorilla: "Is T.G.I Fridays as incredible as it looks?"
Griffin: "It's pretty good."
Bernie the Gorilla: "Shut...up!"

Yes, Bernie, T.G.I. Fridays is just that awesome. Especially to a gorilla longing to experience a human restaurant and bar. Bernie and Griffin have a big time on the town, singing "Low," picking up chicks...wait, WHAT?!
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