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Amusement Park Employees Share The Times Adults Threw A Full-Scale Temper Tantrum At A Theme Park

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Just because a person happens to be at the Happiest Place on Earth does not mean they are a happy person. In fact, many people who attend theme parks just might be having a miserable time... and want to take down everyone around them. Over on Reddit, people who worked at amusement parks shared stories of the biggest adult meltdowns they have ever witnessed. Vote up the hissyfits that deserve a time out. 

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    Threatened By An Entire Family

    From Redditor /u/TempleMade_MeBroke:

    I worked those not-quite-rigged games where you pay $2 to try to win a stuffed animal or basketball. One family was so upset over losing $10 that they threatened to wait for me at my car and knife me after work. The whole family.

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      'Just Survive The Night'

      From Redditor /u/KopitarFan

      Worked Disneyland on New Year's Eve 1997. I was a busboy at Riverbelle Terrace. The place was packed. Not a seat to be had. There were, however, some open seats at The Golden Horseshoe, which was maybe 100 yards away. We were told to direct people over there.

      This woman towing three kids and an elderly man comes up, holds out a $20, and says "Find me a seat." I let her know that we can't take tips, and even if I could, there were simply no seats to be had. However, there are seats at The Golden Horseshoe, and I showed her where that was. She screams, "Oh, come on! No seats. That's ridiculous! You want me to walk a mile just to sit down?"

      I told her that I was sorry but I would keep an eye out for seats and let her know when a table opened up

      Fast forward 20 minutes. I find her and her party basically squatted on the edge of one of the planters to eat. Whatever, I don't care. I see their trays next to them with empty plates. I ask if I can take them. "Yeah," she says. "Glad to see you can do something! Take it away, trash man." 

      I smile and take them away. Five minutes later, she's bitching to my manager that I took their trays without asking and that they were still eating. He refunded their money. I went to him after to plea my case. He just laughed and said, "Don't even sweat it. New Year's Eve is hell. Just survive the night. It was cheaper to refund her than to have her waste more cast member time. Shake it off. It's not you who is the problem."

      Last New Year's Eve I ever worked there.

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        Parent Got Angry Over Facepaint

        From Redditor /u/Catalystic_mind:

        When I was in high school, I was a face painter at a weekend festival involving a blue-colored train who has adventures.

        Obviously, we were just doing little trains on the kid's cheeks. However, one child threw a huge fit that he wanted his face to look just like Thomas the Tank Engine. Which, frankly, looks really freaking creepy. However, his dad insisted and paid extra.

        Cue to five minutes after I spend 15 minutes carefully painting this kid's face to have his psychotic mom go ballistic on me that I've ruined her family's day and now her child looks like a demon.

        I was 16 and just sort of stared at her in shock and horror while the guy running the tent came over and escorted her out.

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          The Worst Parent In The World Award Goes To...

          From Redditor /u/ShadowTaker:

          I had to turn away many children who were just too short for a ride which was the main attraction of the park. So many freak-outs, but safety is paramount as this thing launches you like 300 feet into the air.

          The worst wasn't even a freak-out, really. This guy was angry that his child was too small to ride, and after I told him that his child could be seriously injured if allowed on, he casually told me that it was, "no big deal, (I) can always make a new one if necessary."

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