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Amusement Park Employees Share The Times Adults Threw A Full-Scale Temper Tantrum At A Theme Park

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Just because a person happens to be at the Happiest Place on Earth does not mean they are a happy person. In fact, many people who attend theme parks just might be having a miserable time... and want to take down everyone around them. Over on Reddit, people who worked at amusement parks shared stories of the biggest adult meltdowns they have ever witnessed. Vote up the hissyfits that deserve a time out. 

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    Child's Safety Vs. Good Time

    From Redditor /u/them0rrigan:

    Worked on a ride that had a height requirement. One of only a few in the park. This ride had flight simulators that were no joke. They could go completely vertical, and if the harness didn't hold you correctly, you could have a less-than-ideal riding experience.

    There was a woman and her child who tried to come in, but the child was too short. We explain this, give the kid a pass to jump to the front of the line when he's tall enough, and he's fine. Mother, however, was not. She's freaking out at us immediately. To be honest, I wasn't really listening to what she said, but she wouldn't go away and was causing a huge disturbance. We call the manager on duty. She does the same thing to him. It's at this point that she says the one thing I remember:

    "Are you telling me you care more about my child's safety than if he has a good time or not?!"

    My manager looks stunned, but responds quite calmly, "Yes, and, quite frankly, it concerns me that you don't."

    After that, she left. Adults are far, far worse than children in amusement parks.

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      She 'Filed A Formal Complaint'

      From Redditor /u/iamknotjesus:

      Was working one of the kiddie rides one day, and this kid in line stuck his head between the bars in the gate. It took me and two other adults to pull the bars enough for the kid to get his head back out.

      Afterwards, the kid's mom comes running over and starts yelling at me for letting him get his head stuck. I told her that she should have been with the kid in line.

      She did not like that response. She stood there yelling at me for a good five minutes, claiming that I'm irresponsible and should not be allowed to work the kid rides. I called a manager over on the radio, and he took a "formal complaint" from her, writing down what she was saying in his notebook.

      After the lady left, he showed me his notebook, and there was a drawing of a dragon eating her and her kid.

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        Bad Wish

        From Redditor /u/acedetectivesquirrel:

        I worked at Disney several years ago. One job I had was working with the various characters, and let me tell you what, people lost their goddamn minds over the characters. I was threatened, screamed at, followed, called names, spat at, all manner of rude things for either taking the character away or not letting people cut the line.

        But the one that always comes to mind is one mother. We did allow Make-A-Wish kids to cut the line and meet the characters first (for obvious reasons). One time when I did this, the mother got very angry and said: "I wish my kids had cancer so they could cut the line!"

        I had no response except to pray the poor Make-A-Wish family hadn't heard her.

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          Fury Over A Flying Frog

          From Redditor /u/4ftFury:

          I worked at Busch Gardens when I was 16 - they had a little Renaissance Fair game area, and I was a wench there.

          We had a game called Whack A Toad where a rubber toad the size of about eight inches long and three inches wide was placed on a little catapult - whack catapult with mallet, try to get it in bucket 10 or 15 feet away, get cheap stuffed animal if you win.

          Well, the catapults were on swivels for aiming, and this game is right at the front beside the walkway so.... errant rubber frog breaches the three-foot stick fence and slaps middle-aged mom with a fannypack right upside her head. (NOTE: We used to throw these things at each other for fun, it did not hurt to get pelted by one.)

          This woman goes nuclear! Starts sobbing, then screams in horror three times while flailing her arms, then yells, "I can't do this! I can't do this! I can't take it anymore, I CAN'T TAKE IT!" Throws herself on the ground, sobbing in the middle of the walkway - other passersbys barely looking down at her as they just walk to the side to get around her or step right on over her.

          Her husband eventually coxes her to a bench, her two boys just stand silently and unmoving against the fence, like they know the drill. The dad stood near her for 20 minutes with a far-off look on his face, not really looking at her or responding to her, while she sobbed and yelled about how he was a failure and the boys a disappointment, and she has to do everything, she planned the whole trip and isn't having any fun, why can't any of them help her with anything?!

          Then, out of nowhere, she suddenly stops ranting, sniffles hard, just stands up, and marches up the path without a further word. The dad and sons just automatically followed after about five paces behind her, not looking at each other or saying a word. Poor b*stards.

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