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The Bizarre Story Of The "Spiderman Of Denver," Who Secretly Lived In An Attic For Nearly A Year

Have you ever worried that someone is secretly living inside your walls? It’s not that uncommon for criminals to live in homes and stores that they burglarize, and there was even a murderer who hid in his victim's attic. If you aren’t up on your facts about Theodore Coneys, known after his arrest as the “Spiderman of Denver,” then get ready to go on a trip down memory lane with Spidey and his victims.

During World War II in Denver, Coneys was nothing more than a sickly grifter looking for a place to stay. He didn’t believe that he could cut it in the normal world, so he hid in a man’s house and beat him to death one day - but that’s only part of the story. Facts in the case about the Spiderman of Denver get weirder as the story goes along and it even kind of has a happy ending.

  • He Was Always An Aimless Drifter

    Like many men during the Great Depression, Coneys became a drifter at the age of 18, looking for a way to make ends meet. He took to the tramp lifestyle, living in hobo jungles, working odd jobs, and doing as he pleased. There isn't a lot known about this time in Coneys life. He may have briefly had a job as a Denver Brass Works before trying his hand at being a salesman in New York, but when that didn't work out he returned to Denver. While records of his life rely mostly on what he told the police after he was arrested, all sources claim that Coneys was obsessed with people mocking him for his "slight frame." 

  • Coneys Lived Out The Rest Of His Life Comfortably In Prison

    When police finally caught up to Coneys he was emaciated, dirty, and his hair was matted. Once he was resuscitated by paramedics and given a decent meal, he told investigators everything that had happened over the course of the last year. He claimed that he didn't think he would survive another winter on the streets and that he hadn't meant to kill Mr. Peters. After Coney's story got out he earned the nickname "The Spiderman" because police said that someone would have to have "spider legs" to get through the hole into the attic.

    Coney was given a life sentence and interred in the Colorado State Penitentiary in Cañon City, Colorado, where he took on a job as a librarian. It took half of his life, but Coneys finally had a home.