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15 Predictions About What Will Happen In Star Wars: Episode IX

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J.J. Abrams' Episode IX will have the tough task of closing out the newest Star Wars installments with a satisfying conclusion that gives us the answers we crave and sets up a brighter future for the galaxy far, far away. The movie will cover what happens after The Last Jedi, most likely through some sort of time jump and show us what's been happening for the past few months or years since the Battle of Crait. The ending of The Last Jedi hints at a stronger Resistance and perhaps even the resurgence of the Jedi Order. Might we see Rey begin to rebuild the ancient order by movie's end?

Despite everything we think know about Star Wars Episode IX, there's still a lot left to decipher. Plenty of theories and predictions have already popped up online since opening weekend. From whether we'll see Kylo Ren and Rey face off once again to whether we'll get another Starkiller Base, there's a lot we can predict after watching The Last Jedi.

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