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8 Fascinating Theories About "The Lost Years" of Jesus Christ

The broad details of the life of Jesus Christ are almost universally known. He was a carpenter, later began preaching, and was ultimately crucified. But what was he doing during his childhood, and where was he in his twenties? No one knows for sure. The New Testament describes a 12-year-old Jesus visiting the Temple in Jerusalem; the narratives next see him reappear as a 30-year-old man. The 18-year period in between is known as Jesus's lost years.

Understandably, Jesus's unknown years have become a source of fascination to historians and religious scholars. Some have argued that he was simply in his hometown of Nazareth during this time, practicing his trade as a carpenter. But this explanation for the lost years of Jesus doesn't satisfy all curious researchers. Some theories see Jesus taking pilgrimages to Tibet, India, or even Britain, or becoming a disciple of other religious leaders of the time.

Whatever your personal religious beliefs, these theories about the missing years of Jesus make for fascinating reading. Keep scrolling to discover what other explanations history buffs have offered for this mysterious time period.